Classic Tone Profile – Clapton The Cream Years

Clapton With CreamThis is just some great classic rock tone and playing by Clapton using two 1959 Superlead 100 watt Plexis and a of course the Gibson es-335. Clapton has gone through many different rigs and setups over the years but his sound with Cream captured here is definitely a classic signature rock sound. (more...)

December 27, 2008
Posted in Tone Profiles — David @ 9:11 pm

Finding Deals On Vintage & Boutique Music Gear

Gear StoreAnyone who's into Vintage & Boutique music gear knows that finding a good deal can take some time and some serious hunting. We go from one website to the next trying to locate a particular piece of gear in the right condition at the right price. And we all know that this is just kind of the deal, just like shopping for any hard to find item, but somewhere in the back of our minds we know that in this day and age there must be a better, less time consuming way. (more...)

December 22, 2008
Posted in Tone — David @ 2:29 pm

15 Best Boutique Overdrive Pedals

Boutique Guitar EffectsBelow are our picks for the 15 best boutique overdrive pedals from the last few years. If you have a favorite, let us know what you think and cast a vote in the poll . If you want to give some props to pedals not included here, please feel free to leave a comment. (more...)

December 20, 2008
Posted in Guitar Effects,Tone — David @ 6:41 pm

Win A 50th Anniversary Fender Jazzmaster

Fender Jazzmaster 50th AnniversaryHere's a little content that's any self respecting surf / twangmaster can't let slip by! Fender is giving away an autographed 50th Anniversary special edition Jazzmaster. Winners will be selected via a random drawing held on January 27, 2009. (more...)

December 18, 2008
Posted in Fender Jazzmaster — David @ 7:14 pm

Rockabilly Tone Profile – Cliff Gallup

Gene Vincent and The Blue Caps helped to define the style and sound of early rock and roll. Blue Cap's guitarist Cliff Gallup , had a playing style in the mid-fifties that is still heavily sought after to this day. Cliff's unique style and tone is perhaps the blueprint for Rockabilly Guitar. (more...)

December 17, 2008
Posted in Tone Profiles — David @ 12:20 pm

Voodoo Labs Sparkle Drive

The Voodoo Labs Sparkle Drive matches classic tube screamer circuitry with a clean boost, allowing you to mix and blend the two signals. This pedal uses the jrc45 op amp for the classic tube screamer type tones, and the clean signal has an op amp of it's own, so that these signals can be mixed together in the same way that you might mix two amps together. (more...)

December 15, 2008
Posted in Guitar Effects,Voodoo Labs — David @ 9:05 pm
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