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If you are ever in New York City, and you are into trying out a wide selection of Boutique Amps in style, i.e. without a heavy-handed salesman putting the hard sell on you, check out Ultrasound Studios. Most rehearsal rooms are outfitted with a great selection of top Boutique Amps, from Matchless to Komet, Bad Cat, Mohave and More. (more...)

February 26, 2009
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Egnater Amplifiers

Bruce Egnater was destined to build amazing amps. He is from Detroit, Michigan, and when he was 13 he got his first guitar; a Rickenbacker with a Silvertone Twin Twelve amp. Growing up in the Detroit rock scene he was tuning in to the likes of Alice Cooper, Bob Seger, Iggy Pop, Ted Nugent, Grand Funk Railroad, and others. While still under age, Egnater snuck in to see as many concerts as he could to hear the bands and began taking an intesest in Gear.

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Bad Cat Amplifiers Product Line

Bad Cat produces a amazing collection of Class A Amplifiers, which are as good as any boutique amp built today. Mark Sampson, the original founder of Matchless amps which became popular in the 90s, is the original designer of Bad Cat Amps. The tone and character of these amps has led to their widespread popularity.Here is a list of the Bad Cat Product Line. (more...)

February 9, 2009
Posted in Bad Cat Amps,Boutique Amps — David @ 12:28 pm

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