The Boss ME-70

Looking for a single effects box that can provide just about anything you need but isn’t incredibly expensive?  If so, take a look at the Boss ME-70.  This amp provides more than the ME-20, but is nowhere near as complex or confusing as the GT-10.  boss-me-70 It’s really great for those who need to travel without a lot of heavy equipment or have only a small performance area because of the countless effects the ME-70 can produce.

The ME-70 features a 24-bit, 44.1 KHz processor, COSM amp modeling, four footswitches, and more.  It has many different options for modifying tone, handling overdrive/distortion, and dealing with various types of modulation (chorus, vibrato, phasing, etc.).  You can control many different aspects of the amp via the four footswitches, including the delay, the tempo, the volume, and much more. (more...)

March 31, 2009
Posted in Guitar Effects — anthony @ 7:43 am

Orange Tiny Terror Combo

While some players faithfully bring out their big rigs for all type gigs, smaller tube amps have started to make their way back onto the scene.  A lot of players are tuning in to the fact that smaller amps deliver amazing tone.   orange-tiny-terror-comboThe battle between the different sizes of amplifiers had begun, and into the fray entered the Tiny Terror from Orange Amplification. (more...)

March 27, 2009
Posted in Product Demos — anthony @ 6:52 am

Fender 65 Deluxe Reverb Amp

The Fender 65 Deluxe Reverb Amp is a 22 watt amp designed for country, blues, or rock players.  While some tone connoisseurs will bemoan the fact that it's nothing like the original vintage Blackface, in my opinion this reissue does a great job for the price. It features dual channels (both vibrato and channels), a tube-driven Fender reverb, and more.  fender-65-deluxe-reverb-ampIt uses four 12AX7 preamp tubes, a 5AR4 rectifier tube, two 6V6 Groove Tubes, and a 12 inch Jensen C-12K speaker.  It’s great for anyone who needs a dynamic, flexible amp that can handle most gigs. You can easily control the reverb and vibrato using the two-button footswitch.  The Fender 65 weighs in at about 42 pounds, and it’s a fairly small amp—less than 25 inches high and 18 inches wide. (more...)

March 26, 2009
Posted in Boutique Amps — anthony @ 6:29 am

HipKitty Oxblood Distortion

Players that love the sound of vintage Vox amps, will want to check out this the new distortion pedal by HipKitty, Oxblood. The Oxblood was designed specifically to cop the sound of a classic Vox. With an eye toward flexibility the designers of the Oxblood added in even more distortion by including an extra tube stage.  This really helps to give the sound an overall natural vox-like tube overdrive.oxblood (more...)

March 24, 2009
Posted in Guitar Effects,HipKitty — anthony @ 5:50 am

Godin Fifth Avenue Kingpin

Godin guitars have been around for a good while, and many musicians love this particular brand because they know that when they buy a Godin they are buying a solidly built guitar that will last for many years. godin-fifth-avenue-kingpin This being said, Godin is releasing their newest series, the Fifth Avenue and from this series of guitars, the Kingpin is the first out of the blocks.  The result is an archtop style guitar that can be bought for under a thousand dollars; great news for many musicians who wanted a quality guitar but couldn’t afford the oftentimes hefty price tag associated with superior pieces. (more...)

March 23, 2009
Posted in Godin,Guitars — anthony @ 9:02 am

EVH Wolfgang

The EVH Wolfgang, a guitar based on one of the signature guitars of Eddie Van Halen, is not an exact replica of the guitar used by the famous musician.  It features the same shape, but it’s a bit more refined and features a few differences.  It features a three tuners on a side, and these tuners, like a lot of the hardware for the guitar, are specially made for the EVH Wolfgang (in this case, by Gotoh).  The Wolfgang features items such as the first-ever Floyd Rose tremolo bridge.  In fact, the guitar has both the Van Halen logo and the Floyd Rose logo on it, showing just how much Floyd Rose was involved in its design.evh-wolfgang (more...)

March 20, 2009
Posted in Guitars — anthony @ 8:16 am
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