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Budda Amplification was founded in 1995, making it one of the newer amp companies around.  However, founding designers Scot Sier and Jeff Bober were no strangers to the amp world.  Both had experience designing and building amps.  In fact, the first amp they marketed under the Budda Amps label, the 18-watt Twinmaster Ten, was based on one of Bober’s early designs.  budda-ampsThey debuted the Twinmaster at the NAMM show in 1996, and they sold out of all 65 amps the first day of the show.  This lead Sier and Bober to creating a line of low wattage boutique amps.

By 2004, Budda had grown to the point that the company had to expand.  With new means of production, they were able to add new products and product lines, including the Superdrive line of amps.  These amps are of higher wattage than the Twinmaster.  They also introduced the Dual Stage line (which has been discontinued), the Stringmaster amps, and they released the Twinmaster Ten a decade after it hit the shelves as a way of celebrating the company’s tenth anniversary. (more...)

July 31, 2009
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Mad Professor Little Green Wonder Overdrive Pedal

The Mad Professor Little Green Wonder Overdrive Pedal is a pedal designed to offer low compression and high headroom.  The pedal features high output, and it is incredibly versatile.  It’s stackable overdrive can be lined up in any position in your pedal chain, and the compression is then reduced as necessary.  mad-professor-little-green-wonder-overdrive-pedalThe Little Green Wonder was also designed to work well with any other pedals or amps, even those that have a lot of compression or complexity.  That’s something some other pedals simply won’t do.

Using the body knob allows you to adjust your treble and low to mid content.  In its center position, you’ll have medium midhump, while a clockwise turn gives you treble boost.  Turn it the opposite way and you boost your low and mid treble.  You can use this pedal as an overdrive for distortion amps or downstream pedals, or you can use it as a filter for fuzz pedals.  The Little Green Wonder works incredibly well with these other pedals and amps, or it can function as a standalone pedal.  It all depends on what you need this amazing little pedal to do. (more...)

July 30, 2009
Posted in Guitar Effects — anthony @ 11:17 am

Bogner Amps

bogner-allEver since he moved from Germany to Los Angeles in 1989, Reinhold Bogner has been in the business of building some of the world's top custom amps.  Bogner quickly made a name for himself on the L.A. scene and began creating custom amps for a number of top players.  One of his first amps was custom made for Eddie Van Halen, which helped put Bogner in the spotlight and opened up his work to a much wider audience. In the ten years it has been in business, the company has expanded its product line while maintaining its dedication to quality work. (more...)

July 29, 2009
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Empress Effects ParaEq w/Boost Pedal

If you are looking to improve the sound of your guitar without changing the tone, then the Empress effects ParaEq w/Boost is just the thing for you.  Giving you plenty of control, it has high, medium and low frequency controls, as well as an overlapping frequency range to choose from.

empress-effects-paraeq-wboostThis pedal is extremely easy to use and as with previous models is free from noise.  The design boosts a small unit which at 3.5” by 4.5” by 1.5” is amazing considering all the features involved.

The Empress effects ParaEq w/Boost pedal is versatile in that it can run off 9, 12 or 18V power supplies.  It has a distortion of less than 0.03% which means that you will wonder why you haven’t been using this before.  And at just under $240 with a two year warranty, the Empress Effects ParaEq w/Boost is a bargain all guitar users can’t do without.  Getting the required sound may take a bit of trial and error but once you get it you will be satisfied that you are using one of the best products currently available on the market. (more...)

July 27, 2009
Posted in Empress Effects,Guitar Effects — anthony @ 3:43 pm

Torres 5E3 Tweed Deluxe Jensen

Everyone wants to own an awesome amp, but it can be difficult finding that perfect amp for you.  Well, the Torres 5E3 Tweed Deluxe Jensen Tube Guitar Boutique Amp is certainly a great amp, and it could be the one you want.  In fact, many say this is more than just a great amp, it’s the perfect amp.  torres-5e3-tweed-deluxe-jensen-tube-guitar-boutique-ampWhile that may be a matter of opinion, what is a fact is that this hand made, all tube amp can provide you with a great amount of power.

The Torres 5E3 Tweed Deluxe provides a great amount of tone, and it’s all due to the 18 watts of energy.  This energy is produced by two 6V6 power tubes.  When it’s in preamp mode, two 12AX7s do all the work.  They’re set in a 5E3 circuit, which is what really makes this amp rock.  It’s completely hand wired, of course, just as one would expect, and it features a custom phenolic/fiber circuit board, Torres custom 418P capacitors, and carbon composition resistors.  Everything is assembled in a tweed solid pine case with a chrome chassis so that it looks great.

When all is said and done, you may find yourself paying more than $2,500 for this amp!  That’s a ton of money, but if you order it direct from Torres, you’ll save $500.  If you’re OK with owning a used Torres 5E3, you can pick one up for around $1,000.  Check out http://www.torresengineering.com/ for more on this amp and others by Torres. (more...)

July 24, 2009
Posted in Boutique Amps,Torres Amps — anthony @ 8:31 am

Lovepedal Amp 50 Overdrive

Lovepedal has made a number of cool pedals in the past, including the Lovepedal Lil China COT.  This pedal is a favorite among a number of players, but some find it a bit too much.  lovepedal-amp-50-overdriveWell, the Lovepedal Amp 50 Overdrive is more or less a smaller version of the Lil China COT.  It offers many of the cool features that this other pedal does, but it comes in a smaller package.  Of course, like many things, you can’t judge this pedal by its size.

If you’re looking for a huge range of sound, then the Lovepedal Amp 50 Overdrive is just what you want.  It will allow your guitar to play tones that go from rock to blues to just about anything you can imagine.  All you have to do is adjust the volume on your guitar and the Gain Bias control on the Lovepedal.  Turn the knob counter clockwise and you’ll get amazingly clean tones.  Turn it back the other way and your guitar will roar like it never has before.  This pedal is so dynamic and clean that it works with just about any other signal driving device.  The pedal allows you to control your overdrive and set it exactly as you like it.  It’s a huge amount of tone in a very small package.  The pedal features true bypass, LED status lights, and comes in a diecast aluminum case.  It retails for about $99. (more...)

July 23, 2009
Posted in Guitar Effects,Lovepedal — anthony @ 2:33 pm
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