Option 5 Destination Overdrive II

The Option 5 Destination Overdrive II is based upon the popular Destination Overdrive pedal, but it has had some major upgrades.  option-5-destination-overdrive-iiHowever, it still features the amazingly harmonic tones that made the first Destination Overdrive so great.  Option 5 listened to what their customers wanted, and they based their improvements on these suggestions.  The Overdrive II features improved bass response, an improved gain control that includes more range, and true bypass.  The new pedal also features 9 volts of power from an electrical outlet as its standard power source. (more...)

August 29, 2009
Posted in Guitar Effects,Option 5 — anthony @ 8:04 pm

Fender Custom Shop Amps

The Fender Custom Shop is mainly known for creating amazing guitars, but they also do some amps a well.  The company makes a line of amps for both guitars and for basses, and they include modern amps and amps to match their custom & relic guitarsfender-ampsIf you’re ordering a relic guitar from their custom shop or already have one, you may be especially interested in their vintage reissue line of amps. (more...)

Posted in Boutique Amps,Fender Custom Shop — anthony @ 6:45 am

Guitar Relic Review

picture-12If you are in to custom guitars & relic guitars then you must check out Guitar Relic.com  The site is one of the best relic guitar sites on the internet, especially if you’re looking for detailed information on different relic guitars.  The site features a pretty exhaustive list of different relic guitars grouped by the company who made them.  Each guitar profile includes details about its history, its features and a whole lot more.  The site also lists eBay auctions for the relic guitar and other relics that are similar right below the information on the guitar, which means you can go straight to purchasing instrument of your choice. (more...)

August 25, 2009
Posted in Site Reviews — anthony @ 10:44 am

NOC3 EarthTone Boost Pedal

While it is a small pedal, the NOC3 EarthTone Boost Pedal is a great little booster for your clean tones.  If you’re looking for a pedal that’s going to have a great sweetening effect on your guitar, this is what you want.  noc3-earthtone-boost-pedalIt doesn’t add any clipping to your music; instead, it’s an incredibly clean pedal that really does much more than you’d expect, especially since it’s powered by only one JFET transistor.  It’s not an incredibly loud pedal—it’s only going to give you 15 decibels of boost, so if you want loud, you want something else. (more...)

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MXR MC-401 CAE Boost / Line Driver

The MXR MC-401 CAE Boost / Line Driver is one of MXR’s newest pedals in their boost/overdrive and boost lines.  Designed by MXR and Bob Bradshaw, the founder of Custom Audio Electronics, this pedal is incredibly dynamic.  mxr-mc-401-cae-boost-line-driverThe MXR MC-401 is instantly recognizable by the unique sonic stamp that Bob Bradshaw puts on everything he designs.  He and his crew at Custom Audio Electronics have been creating pedals like this one for well over 25 years, but they were always made in very limited quantities.  Today, thanks to their partnership with MXR, their amazing pedals are available to all customers. (more...)

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Fargen Amps

Fargen Amplification was founded by Benjamin Fargen in 1998.  While it’s a somewhat young company in comparison to other amp builders, the amp builders at Fargen are dedicated to creating high quality amps for all players.  fargen-ampsFargen himself, a young guitar player, started the company when he realized that his vintage guitar amps couldn’t be serviced—there was no local technician to work on these vintage products.  Fargen, then, set out to learn how to create tube amps for himself so that he could repair his own products.  With only a course in electronics, books, and the internet, he learned how to create amps on his own.  He worked on several prototypes over the years and soon began using them in his own gigs. (more...)

August 21, 2009
Posted in Boutique Amps,Fargen Amps — anthony @ 7:36 pm
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