Savage Rohr 15

The Savage Rohr 15 Boutique Amp is a Class A amp that includes many of the features and control of larger Savage amps while still having its own, unique sound. savage-rohr-15-boutique-amp1 It has a specially designed tone section that makes the Rohr 15 stand out, and it is perfect for use on stage, in the studio, and while practicing at home.  It is, of course, all hand-wired and uses only the best transformers and components.  It’s an all tube amp as well that pulls 15 watts of power and can carry a 4, 8, or 16 Ohm load.

The Rohr 15 is a 1x12 combo amp and is powered by 2-EL-84/6BQ5 tubes.  It has two input channels and four input savage designs.  The controls include reverb, tone, master volume, treble, middle, bass, and volume for both the normal and bright channels.  One of the best things about this little amp is that it is fairly light and easy to take on the road with you.  Its various options give you a lot of control over your tone, something you don’t often find in a smaller amp.  The only downside to the Savage Rohr 15 is that it is fairly expensive—you may pay upwards of $2,500 to $3,000 for one. (more...)

November 29, 2009
Posted in Savage Amps — anthony @ 9:10 pm

Matchless Custom 212

The Matchless Custom 212 boutique amp is made out of only the best materials, and the entire amp is handwired by the professionals at Matchless to insure quality.  matchless-custom-212If you’re looking for a great amp that has all the power you need, this is it.  The Custom 212 is driven by a pair of EL84 tubes that give it a nice classic Vox-like tone.  The tone controls are very interactive, and the tube driven tremolo and reverb channels sound fantastic.  It’s even possible to make the Custom 212 sound like a vintage super reverb amp if you push it hard enough.

The Custom 212 comes in a solid cabinet that features a Jensen P12N and the Vintage 30 speaker combination which work very well together.  The boutique amp features a half power switch so you can change between 15 watts or 30 watts.  You also have high and low inputs and controls for treble, bass, master, volume, reverb, speed, and intensity.  The only downside to the Matchless Custom 212 is its weight.  At almost 85 pounds, this is one of the heavier amps out there, and it can be quite a chore lugging it around from place to place.  If you’re using it only at home, that might not be an issue, but if you’re taking it on the road or to the studio, the weight may become a problem. (more...)

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Richter Amps

Richter Amps makes a number of great products.  richter-ampsWhile there’s not much information on the company other than that it’s owned by Sara Richter, there are many reviews on their great amps available online.  These amps have proven to be very popular over the years and are used by many guitar players, both amateur and professional.

The Richter 5E3 amp is basically Richter’s updated version of the 5E3 produced by Fender.  It doesn’t have some modern features like reverb or effects looping, but it does have two input channels, three control knobs, and more.  You can get some great classic tweed tones out of it, even if it is a bit limited.  If you don’t mind skipping out on some of the newer additions to amps, this boutique amp may be what you need.

The KT77 has a lot of power behind it, and it features a normal and a bright channel, volume for each, and a master volume control.  It also has controls for presence, treble, and bass. The Richter KT77 delivers all the chime of a boutique tweed amp. (more...)

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Diamond Pedals

Diamond Pedals was founded by an electronics technologist and an electrical engineer who both loved to play music.  diamond-pedalsThey are both guitarists, and over they years the two have used many different production and boutique pedals.  However, they always found themselves improving and modifying the quality of their store bought pedals.  Diamond Pedals was established with the goal of creating innovative new features that improved the sound quality of pedals.  They don’t want to create clones of other pedals—they want to create new devices that guitarists will love.

Diamond Pedals has a number of different products, but one of their most famous ones is the Memory Lane 2.  It’s based on a classic analog delay pedal, but it has many other features as well, including tap tempo and modulation.

The Diamond Halo Chorus is another unique pedal.  It provides pitch modulation, delay, and phase modulation chorus along with true bypass, stereo in and out, and more.  It even has an autoconfigurable input and output. (more...)

November 24, 2009
Posted in Diamond Pedals — anthony @ 8:50 am

Jetter Gain Stage Blue Overdrive

Are you looking for an overdrive pedal that is flexible yet responds just like a tube amplifier would?  jetter-gain-stage-blue-overdriveIf so, you need the Jetter Gain Stage Blue Overdrive.  This pedal delivers a great range of overtones and harmonics. It is designed with dynamics in mind and responds to the attack of your pick like a great tube amplifier would.  However, the Gain Stage Blue isn’t yet another rebuild of a basic overdrive circuit.  In fact, the gain stage was created from scratch and after a long trial and error process.  The end result is a pedal that is innovative and has been perfected over years of work. (more...)

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Cusack Effects

Cusack Effects’ goal is to create the best sounding equipment possible. cusack-effects Its founder, an electrical engineer, began searching for that perfect, right tone, and he spent years working to find it.  Today, that tone has been found, and Cusack Effects creates some of the top quality products in the industry.

For those who need more volume on their guitar, the More Louder pedal is perfect for you.  It features buffered and true bypass and gain boost.  The buffered bypass will highlight sounds that you may have never noticed before thanks to its impedance buffer.

The Screamer Fuzz V2 brings gives you everything that the original Cusack Screamer did but with the addition of a fuzz knob.  When you completely turn down the fuzz, the pedal works just like a screamer, and when you turn down the screamer, you’ve got a great fuzz pedal.  It’s an amazing two in one pedal that also gives you the option of mixing the two sounds.  Of course, if you aren’t interested in fuzz, the Screamer V2 is still available and provides all the amazing tone and clean overdrive you could ever want. (more...)

November 16, 2009
Posted in Cusack Effects — anthony @ 10:37 pm
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