Tony Bruno Custom Amps

Bruno Amps are known worldwide for creating some of the finest tube amps.  Each and every amp is custom point to point wired and handcrafted by Tony Bruno himself. Tony Bruno Custom AmpsBruno has one goal for his company: to produce only the best guitar amps that provide the ultimate tone. 

One thing you will never find at Bruno Amps is a factory boutique amp.  Tony refuses to build amps that are assembled by companies' in such large quantities that quality and tone go by the wayside in favor of production.  Every Bruno Amp is custom designed and built, and Tony makes certain to test them thoroughly before putting them in the hands of a player.  He plays each amp himself and then brings in a full band to test it out to make sure the amp is thoroughly vetted.  If it’s not, he takes the whole thing apart and works on it until be believes it’s as good as he can make it. We highly recommend Bruno amps for their reliability, tone and quality. (more...)

December 28, 2009
Posted in Bruno Amps — anthony @ 6:08 pm

Allen Amps Old Flame

Allen Amps has produced a number of top amps, all of which are hand-crafted and built with only the best parts.  allen-amps-old-flameIt’s this dedication to high quality that has made their products very popular.  One of their top amps is the Old Flame.  This boutique amp was introduced in 2007.  The current Old Flame amp is actually an update on Allen Amp’s classic Old Flame.  However, while it’s based on a classic, it does feature a new angled-front stainless steel body and has brand new black barrel knobs.  The Old Flame also comes in two new models: a 1x12 and a 4x10. (more...)

December 22, 2009
Posted in Allen Amps — anthony @ 10:00 pm

Allen Amps

Allen Amplification features seven different all tube and hand-wired boutique amps.  allen-ampsThese amps are based on classic circuits from the 1960s, but while the basic design is vintage, they add some new dimensions to the mix. 

The Classic 10 Combo amp is ten watts of great tone control.  It features a unique type of boost switch that really gives you more mids and highs to make your lead sound cut.  It’s a fairly simple amp without a lot of bells and whistles, but it will give you an amazing clean tone and it breaks up nicely when pushed.

Then there’s the Sweet Spot.  This amp can provide 18 or 25 watts of juice with bass, middle, and treble controls plus a bright switch.  The reverb is completely tube driven, and it features adjustable fixed bias.

The Accomplice amp has several different power options—22, 35, or even 40 watts.  It brings in a master volume control, bass, treble, middle, and raw controls, and a bright switch.  It’s designed after the Fender Deluxe Reverb, but it doesn’t include vibrato or a normal channel.  The Accomplice Jr. is also available.  This amp provides many of the same features as the Accomplice but it’s been shrunk down to fit in a smaller chassis. (more...)

December 18, 2009
Posted in Allen Amps — anthony @ 9:42 am

EarthQuaker Devices

Based in Akron, Ohio, EarthQuaker Devices is a small company that dedicated to making top quality boutique pedals.  Their line of products includes eight different effects pedals.

earthquaker-devicesThe Black Eye clean boost pedal adds some sparkle to your tone while boosting it so that it cuts and gives your lead sound a nice mostly transparent boost.  Depending of the size and wattage of the amp this pedal can either push it into some nice natural overdrive or provide a nice natural sounding clean boost.

The Dirt Transmitter, on the other hand, is an amazing fuzz pedal.  Its tones go from slight break-up to full on fuzz with the twist of a dial.  This fuzz pedal does not add any extra noise to the tone, even when you’ve got the volume way up.

If you want some vintage reverb in your tone, you need to check out the Ghost Echo pedal.  It adds some incredible depth to your sound, a depth that you can fine tune so that it sounds exactly like you want it to.

The Grand Orbiter phase machine is an impressive looking pedal with four major knobs on it.  You control the depth, the rate, the sweep, and the resonance of your sound, and you can cut out the dry signal for an interesting vibrato effect as well.

The Hoof fuzz pedal is an easy to use fuzz pedal that provides you with gritty, warm overdrive or a great, sustaining fuzz.  It can also bring out huge, massive amounts of volume at the touch of a knob.  The shift control allows you to control the tone as well. (more...)

Posted in Earthquaker Devices — anthony @ 9:34 am

Fulltone Fulldrive 2 MOSFET

When it was first introduced, the Fulltone Fulldrive 2 was one of the most innovative pedals ever—it was the first overdrive pedal to feature a foot switchable boost.  fulltone-fulldrive-2-mosfetThe Fulltone Fulldrive 2 MOSFET now features a Mosfet transistor and some other new improvements.  The Fulldrive 2 also has a vintage mode that delivers a more transparent overdrive.  The CompCut feature of the pedal allows players to cut out the compression, and allow for more dynamics.  This switch has moved to a 3 way mini toggle, making the Fulldrive 2 MOSFET a little easier to use and manage.

The Fulldrive 2 MOSFET has two different channels.  Channel one is the overdrive mode and brings non-compressed clean boost and is capable of light to medium overdrive.  The second channel is boost mode, and it has its own distortion control.  This channel brings in medium to high gain.  The Fulldrive 2 keeps its natural sound via an Asymmetrical Clipping and a feedback loop circuit.  This lets it create a classic tube style distortion that sounds just like a Class A tube amp. (more...)

December 16, 2009
Posted in Fulltone — anthony @ 10:45 am

65 Amps Lil’ Elvis

65 Amps has produced a number of great products, including the Lil’ Elvis boutique amp.  65-amps-lile28099-elvisThis amp is one of their most interesting amps in that in uses amp designs that haven’t been seen since the 60s.  The amp is based on a 2xEL84 tube setup with a 12AX7 front.  It provides a very clean 12 watts of power.  While the Lil’ Elvis is a small boutique amp, it doesn’t have a small feel to it at all.  Its tone and abilities are far beyond what one would expect from an amp of this size.  (more...)

December 8, 2009
Posted in 65 Amps — anthony @ 10:06 pm
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