Bad Cat Amps Mini II

The Mini II is one of Bad Cat Amps’ most popular products.  bad-cat-amps-mini-ii-boutique-ampThis tiny little amp may only put out five watts of power, but don’t let that fool you this bad boy really roars.  It’s the perfect amp for anyone who needs a low-volume amp in their studio for recording.  It’s not going to do very well in large venues, of course, but for home play and recording, the Bad Cat Mini II is perfect.  It’s a Class A amp that is point to point wired and all tube powered. (more...)

January 21, 2010
Posted in Bad Cat Amps — anthony @ 5:47 pm

Emma Effects

Emma Effects is a pedal company based out of Denmark.  emma-effectsThey hand build all of their pedals, and some of these devices look like nothing you’ve ever seen before!  They have recently named Godlyke Distributing as their North American distributor, and the company has plans to release many different Emma devices.

Several Emma Effects pedals have been discontinued and are only available in very limited quantities.  One of these is the Discumbobulator Envelope Filter.  This pedal is an amazing envelope filter that provides strong chords and keeps all of the tone in the original signal.  It’s sure to put some swing back in your sound…if you can find one.

The Onomatopoeia Overdrive Pedal is a powerful booster that can up your volume without coloring your sound too much.  However, the gain dial can be used to distort your signal if you like, allowing this pedal to function somewhat like a tube amp.  It also has a unique saturation control that allows the pedal to mimic the sounds of an amp with a single power tube. (more...)

January 18, 2010
Posted in Emma Effects — anthony @ 4:02 pm

Jetter Gain Stage Gold Overdrive

Jetter’s Gain Stage Gold Overdrive pedal features more gain and harmonics than other Jetter pedals.  jetter-gain-stage-gold-overdriveIt was designed specifically for this purpose, and it gives players a large variety of different settings.  The increased gain keeps the lower register very tight using only a very small amount of compression.  You’ll get great classic crunch and even clean sounds from the lower gain, too.

The Jetter Gain Stage Gold also features a soft and a hard setting.  In soft mode, you’ll get a smoother tone that is very true to your guitar, while hard more provides more bite and edge.  The hard mode sounds a bit more British overall, and features more midrange and a tighter overdrive.  The pedal features a very interactive tone control and a gain knob that has a great sweet spot between ten and two.  This pedal is designed to work with just about any guitar and amp combination you can think of, so be ready to rock.  All in all, this pedal can create some incredibly unique tones that are impossible to duplicate with any other.  Of course, for such a great pedal, you may expect the price tag to be pretty high.  However, the Jetter Gain Stage Gold Overdrive is only $209. (more...)

Posted in Jetter Gear — anthony @ 3:37 pm

Savage Amps

Savage Amps has been producing high quality vacuum tube and solid-state amps since 1990. savage-amps Based in the Minneapolis, Minnesota, area, the company offers amps designs for people seeking a vintage or boutique tone.  Some of the big names currently using Savage Amps are Pearl Jam, Sheryl Crow, R.E.M., Foo Fighters, and Beck, to name a few.

Savage currently offers six different amps.  The Macht 12x and Macht 6, technically two different devices, offer players amazing tone and volume.  These class A amps are all hand-wired and feature 2 input preamp, one or two 6V6 tubes (Macht 6 features one), and more.

The Rohr 15 amp features everything that the larger Savage amps do but it a little smaller and more compact.  It’s a class A amp that is great for both studio play and using for gigs.  It is a 15 watt amp that features two channels and is powered by two EL-84/6BQ5 tubes. (more...)

January 13, 2010
Posted in Savage Amps — anthony @ 11:24 am

Fargen Super Collider

Fargen’s Super Collider boutique amp is one of their newest dual channel amps that combines incredibly rich and clean tones with some of the fattest lead tones around.  fargen-super-collider-guitar-amplifierThe amp features a very innovative design that makes use of some of the best from Fargen’s other amps while bringing in several new concepts and ideas.  This is one 6L6 tube amp that is far from standard.

The Super Collider was created after Benjamin Fargen built a custom SCO amplifier for Cliff Culteri.  He wanted the best 2 x 6L6 lead amp possible, and he absolutely loved Fargen’s product.  However, Culteri’s amp was a single channel, so Fargen desided to create a dual channel version that also featured a clean channel.  Thus, the Super Collider was born. (more...)

January 11, 2010
Posted in Fargen Amps — anthony @ 8:29 pm

Ibanez TS808HW Hand Wired Tube Screamer

Ibanez is of course known for creating some of the most classic tube screamer pedals, and the Ibanez TS808HW Hand Wired Tube Screamer is yet another.  ibanez-ts808hw-hand-wired-tube-screamerThe TS808HW is similar to Ibanez’s original tube screamer, but it’s all point to point hand wired on two turret boards.  It’s a perfect recreation of the TS808 boutique pedal, so if you missed out on that classic, here's a perfect way to capture that sound.  However, the TS808HW is being produced in limited quantities, however, so don’t waste time—if you want one, snatch it up now!  (more...)

Posted in Ibanez Effects — anthony @ 9:45 am
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