Jetter Gain Stage Red Overdrive

Some pedals seem to fall out of their creators’ heads and onto the production line, but others take their sweet time in being complete.  That’s the case with the Jetter Gain Stage Red Overdrive.  It took more than a year of experimentation and testing before this little pedal was declared finished.  It’s a natural, boutique amp overdrive pedal that is very tightly focused.  The Stage Red has nice low end response and string articulation, and it can send through complex chords in a distinct, clear way so that every note can be heard.  There’s enough overdrive here for guitars like vintage Strats but yet the pedal scales back the gain so that it doesn’t distort sounds from humbuckers.  The compression, too, is very natural sounded, and it doesn’t flatten out your tones or make them boom out of control.

Players who are looking for a pedal that will provide thick, creamy tones without any distortion or making them too dark will enjoy the Stage Red.  The hard/soft switch allows players to change up the Presence levels, both of which have slightly different overdrive sounds.  One level is bright and clear while the other is very warm and rich.  The pedal also features true bypass and provides some amazing Carlton and Ford tones.  It retails for $209.

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October 29, 2010
Posted in Jetter Gear — anthony @ 6:48 pm

Frantone Electronics

Frantone Electronics first opened in 1994 under the direction of Fran, a young woman with a dream of making cool pedals that were all hand-built.  While Frantone products were certainly popular during the first year, it wasn’t until their website opened in 1995 that Frantone became a world-wide name.  All of their pedals are designed by Fran, and they’re manufactured completely in the US.  One of the things that makes Frantone Electronics so unique is that Fran does everything in-house, from designing to machining the cast aluminum cases to doing the silk screening and painting.  Everything is done by hand with care and precision.

Frantone manufactures a number of different effects pedals.  The Glacier, for example, is a small and easy to use ring modulator that has a huge tonal range while still providing high fidelity.  It features a Y select switch that allows players to select between one of three different waveforms, changing the oscillation of the tone.

Another cool pedal is the Bassweet.  It features everything that the popular Frantone Sweet pedal has except it provides expanded bass contour and more controllability.

The Hep Cat Daddy-O pedal is based on the Hep Cat, the overdrive that started it all.  It’s known for its very bright grind and its transparent tone.  While it was once hard to get your hands on one of these pedals, now it’s not.  The Hep Cat Daddy-O features everything that made the original Hep Cat great plus a bit more!

These are just a few of the amazing pedals that Frantone Electronics produces.  If you’re looking for a pedal that has been handcrafted by someone who loves her work, you want one of Frantone Electronics’ amazing products. (more...)

October 12, 2010
Posted in Frantone — anthony @ 7:36 pm

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