Lone Wolf Outlaw 18 Boutique Amp

The spotlight product made by Lone Wolf is the Outlaw 18 boutique amp.  Sold exclusively through their website, the Outlaw 18 is completely hand wired on turret board using only the best components.  It was created with the express purpose of providing professional guitar players with the best tone possible.

The Lone Wolf Outlaw 18 features two channels, a bright and a dark, that can be mixed together using the two volume controls.  It also features a master volume control, brilliance control, and bass, mid, and treble controls.  Under the hood, the Outlaw is powered by 18 watts and uses three 12AX7 preamp tubes.  It has two EL84 power tubes and one 6CA4 rectifier tube.  This class AB push-pull amp has two speaker out ports on the back panel as well as an effects send and return, speaker impedance selection, and an ultra-linear pentode output selection.  It is available as a 1x12 combo or as a head.  The combo is priced at $2,495, while the head is $2,195. (more...)

December 28, 2010
Posted in Lone Wolf Amps — anthony @ 3:54 pm

Mad Professor Sky Blue Overdrive Pedal

One of the unique looking pedals on the market today is the Mad Professor Sky Blue Overdrive Pedal.  This four knob pedal excels at both overdriving mildly distorted amps while at the same time providing soft distortion or light overdrive on very clean sounds.  One of the most unique features of the Sky Blue is the ability to adjust the dynamics and the feel using the Z and the Texture knob.  The Z knob creates an adjustable load to any instrument on the SBOD input.  The knob allows players to change the upper resonant peak or adjust how the tone is cleaned.  On the other hand, the Texture knob lets players change how the circuit distorts the sound. (more...)

December 21, 2010
Posted in Mad Professor — anthony @ 4:20 pm

Lone Wolf Outlaw Hand Wired Boutique Amp

The Lone Wolf Outlaw Hand Wired Boutique Amp is an excellent sounding low wattage amp that is designed to replicate the vibe of a vintage Marshall Plexi.  It features a Celestion English made speaker.  This 18 watt amp features two different channels, a dark and a bright.  Both are internally wired and can be mixed together using the two volume controls.  The Outlaw also includes the treble, bass, mid, master volume, and brilliance controls. This amp really captures that classic tone, from clean to slightly dirty to full-on rockin. It’s all set off by a back lit Lone Wolf logo. (more...)

December 13, 2010
Posted in Lone Wolf Amps — anthony @ 12:37 pm

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