GNI DD1 Dual Drive Overdrive

GNI combines two very powerful pedals into one with the GNI DD1 Dual Drive Overdrive. This overdrive pedal features two 3-position switches, one for each drive. Each switch has Simple Overdrive, Super OD, or Hyper OD modes (marked O, S, and H respectively). This allows players to set one overdrive to one setting and the other to a different setting, with a drive select button allowing them to switch instantly between the two. You can go from slightly clean, to slightly dirty to full on with one pedal! The DD1 also has True Buffer Bypass, like all of the GNI pedals do. The buffer helps to lower the impedance of the signal, which in turn preserves the level and the high end.

All of the controls are very clearly marked and laid out nicely. For anyone who finds themselves needing two drives at once, the DD1 is the perfect piece of machinery. What’s even better, the cost of the GNI DD1 Dual Drive isn’t incredibly high. It will cost you $249.00.


January 27, 2011
Posted in GNI — anthony @ 1:25 pm

Carr Artemus Boutique Amp

The Carr Artemus is a very versatile amp powered by four EL-84 power tubes. The amp features a fixed bias output that packs quite a punch but also has a smooth break up. The Mid and Edge controls allow you to sculpt the tones and pull everything from mellow cleans to a nasty overdrive. The Artemus features two 12AX7 pre-amp tubes, but unlike some amps, these tubes use an input modified circuit that emulates the EF-86 in thickness and in gain without use microphonics.

The Carr Aretemus features a volume, edge, bass, mid, and treble control. The amp also has a 30/15 watt toggle switch, plus a bias pot and bias test point. In addition to the 12AX7s and EL-84s, the amp also features a 5AR4/GZ34 rectifier tube. All in all, the amp is very versatile and of high quality. Used, the Artemus amp costs around $2,000.


January 17, 2011
Posted in Carr Amps — anthony @ 2:56 pm

Egnater Rebel-30

Egnater has made a number of great amps over the years.  egnater-rebel-30The Rebel-30 is an extention of the Rebel-20, an award winning head.  The Rebel-30 brings in more versatility and gives you more tone-shaping options than the Rebel-20.  It’s a 30-watt all-tube amp that has two channels.  Channel 1 features very clean tones and allows you to control the bass, treble, and volume.  Channel 2 features a powerful overdrive and lets you shape the bass, treble, middle, and gain.  The gain lets you really change the sound of your tone in many different ways.  Both channels include tight and bright switches, and each channel has an independent watts knob as well.

The Egnater Rebel-30 also features Egnater’s signature Tube Mix knob.  By adjusting this control, you can add in a huge variety of different tones to your sound, including British, American, and more.  The back panel, which is very easy to access, features reverb controls for both channels and a series effects loop control.  The Rebel-30 is available in two different styles: a 1x12” combo or a 2x12” combo.  Both of these amps feature a dual-function footswitch for easy channel selection.  The Egnater Rebel-30 features 6V6 and EL84 power tubes and weighs around 40 pounds. (more...)

January 9, 2011
Posted in Egnater — anthony @ 10:16 pm

Tech 21 Sansamp British Overdrive

The Sansamp British Overdrive by Tech 21 might look like a little pedal, but it’s got a big sound.  The Sansamp British really pulls out those amazing British rock tones—we’re talking everything you can think of.  As part of Tech 21’s new Character Series, you’ll find that the Sansamp British has some things in common with the other pedals yet it is a pedal of its own.  Like the others, the Sansamp British uses only high quality materials and is built by total pros.

If it’s great British tones you need, then the Tech 21 Sansamp British Overdrive is what you want.  In addition to a character and drive control, the pedal also has mid, level, low, and high dials.  You’ll find that it really brings out the British flavor—so much so that you’ll start to have an accent.  The Tech 21 Sansamp British Overdrive retails for $149.00. (more...)

January 3, 2011
Posted in Tech 21 — anthony @ 6:09 pm

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