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Allen Amps has produced a number of top amps, all of which are hand-crafted and built with only the best parts.  allen-amps-old-flameIt’s this dedication to high quality that has made their products very popular.  One of their top amps is the Old Flame.  This boutique amp was introduced in 2007.  The current Old Flame amp is actually an update on Allen Amp’s classic Old Flame.  However, while it’s based on a classic, it does feature a new angled-front stainless steel body and has brand new black barrel knobs.  The Old Flame also comes in two new models: a 1x12 and a 4x10.

The Old Flame has two different output power settings: the 6L6GC tubes power it at 40 watts, while the 6V6GT tubes provide 25 watts of power.  This AB class push-pull amp features an adjustable fixed bias, and it uses four 12AX7 tubes, two 6L6GCs, and a GZ34.  For eq, you can control the treble, bass, and the midrange, and the amp also features raw control and a bright switch.  The master volume lets you control everything at once.  Your reverb is driven by an all-tube long three-spring medium delay tank and features mix, tone, and dwell controls.

The Old Flame design is loosely based on the Fender Super Reverb from the 1960s.  However, the Old Flame doesn’t have a vibrato function or a normal channel.  It does feature, however, a master volume, a three knob reverb, the raw control, and several other new options that the Fender amp did not have.

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December 22, 2009
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