Bad Cat Amps Lil’ 15

Are you looking for a small amp that is perfect to take anywhere but still has the power needed to be heard above the din?  Then you may want to take a look at the Lil’ 15 by Bad Cat Amps.  This is a great two channel 15 watt amp capable of delivering a range tones suitable for any small to mid-sized gig. Channel 1, is the clean circuit, while with channel two you can dial in some nice crunchy overdrive. Channel one has controls for volume and cut, which is actually somewhat of a presence control.  The second channel gives you master volume and gain to play with.

The Lil’ 15 uses two 12AX7s for the preamp on channel one and then brings it home with two EL84s.  The second channel gets its hot sound from the EF86 tube that powers it.  The amp uses hand would power and output transformers, which were used to determine just how big the Lil’ 15 is—the amp is only as tall as the transformers.  The Lil’ 15 measures 14” long by 8.5” high by 7 inches deep.  It weighs only 21 pounds.

For more info be sure to check out the Bad Cat website:

Here's a little demo of the Bad Cat Amps Lil’ 15

June 27, 2011
Posted in Bad Cat Amps — anthony @ 9:12 pm

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