Blackstar Amps Artisan 100

Looking for a powerful Plexi style boutique amp that is very, very flexible? You might have had a hard time finding one, but your search may now be over. The Blackstar Amps Artisan 100 watt amp imbues the boutique 100 watt amp design with a flexibility rarely seen in these types of amps. There’s a lot you can do with an Artisan 100. One of the features that gives this amp its versatility is the Voice control switch. This four-way switch gives you many of the tonal options that vintage high wattage amps originally had. However, you’re not just getting one 100 watt amp feature, you’re getting sounds that range from the earliest American amps all the way through the British 100 watt amps created during the 60s and 70s. How does this work? The switch changes the preamp voicing and power amp damping settings to create these different sounds.

In addition to the four-way Voice switch, the Artisan 100 also features hi and lo inputs, an impedance selector, volume I and volume II, bass, treble, and middle controls. This amp uses four EL34 output tubes for power. Each Artisan 100 is hand wired. In general the Artisan 100 does a decent job of capturing the spirit of an old Plexi and offers tonal flexibility that can be hard to find in an amp this powerful.

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Video Review of Blackstar Amps Artisan 100

April 5, 2011
Posted in Blackstar Amps — anthony @ 5:16 pm

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