Budda MN-100

The Budda Amps MN-100 Head is an innovative amp that sounds outstanding and looks pretty sharp too.  This powerful and versatile amp was created in part by Mark Nason, who brings his signature style and design to the MN-100. Mark Nason is designer of Italian leather shoes for rockers who teamed up with Budda to create the unique look of the MN-100. This amp was designed to cover a range of sounds from a Fender Twin vibe on the clean channel, to a Marshall JCM 800 on channel 2 and a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier on the 3rd channel. This is one of Budda’s first entries in the area of modern multi-channel tube amps, and it’s also one of their most sophisticated amps to date.  But while some amps become overly sophisticated to the point of losing sight of the most important aspect of any amp—its tone—Budda’s engineers always made certain that the MN-100 was focused on capturing a specific style and sound.

The MN-100 features three independent channels.  The amp runs on 120 watts of power, although a half-power switch lets you cut it down to 60 if you prefer.  Under the hood, the MN-100 uses five 12AX7 preamp tubes, a 12AX7 for the over-boost circuit, and a 12AX7 for the phase splitter.  The main power section is run by four EL34s, although you can opt for four 6L6s if you like.  The amp generally uses two 5U4 tubes in its rectifier section, but you can modify it to use either 5AR4s or GZ34s.

Budda claims that this leather-bound product is the best amp money can buy, and it certainly looks like it’s worth a million bucks.  The final price tag for the MN-100 is $4,999. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment.

For more info be sure to check out the Budda website: http://www.budda.com/

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June 24, 2011
Posted in Budda Amps — anthony @ 9:24 pm

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