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Chute Amplifiers is a small Ontario-based amp company that has one goal in mind: to create old-fashioned, hand-wired amps that produce amazing sounds.  To this end, they don’t have any production lines or assembly robots doing the work.  Everything is done by a person, and while this means their line of amps is limited, it also means that every single amp they sell has been personally built.

chuteampsIf you’re looking for a Chute Amp, you really have two choices: the CC-02 or the CC-04.  The CC-02 amp is a small amp, but don’t judge it by its size.  It puts out a great sound.  It sports a dual gain preamp and a Class A poweramp that can create a number of very unique sounds.  The preamp is a single channel with parallel gain that allows you to adjust the bright and gain as necessary.  The poweramp features cathode biasing that is configured to work as a slight compressor.  This provides smooth frequency response and lets you change the tubes without re-biasing.

The CC-04, on the other hand, is a newer amp aimed at providing new and innovative sound.  Chute designed it to be like no other amp out there, and its use of dual channel preamp and Class A poweramp allows players to create unique tones.  The preamp features two channels, each with two gain controls.  In channel A, you have parallel gain stages that let you mix in bright and dark gain to create clean or crunchy tones.  In channel B, you’ve got a series of gain stages that allows for high-gain distortion.  The poweramp of the CC-04 has the same biasing configuration as the CC-02 and also lets you swap tubes without doing a re-bias.  It can easily be configured to meet almost any need, making it incredibly versatile.

While they may not offer a huge range of amps, Chute does provide some of the highest quality products around since everything is hand-made.  Of course, this also means the amps are going to be a bit more expensive than some of the other mass produced amps, but everyone knows that you always have to pay for quality.

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Chute CC 04
Chute CC 04 $600.00
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Handmade Class A 35W CHUTE Amp Canadian 2 Gains for each channel
Handmade Class A 35W CHUTE Amp Canadian 2 Gains for each channel $849.00
Time Remaining: 27d 14h 53m
Buy It Now for only: $849.00
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August 4, 2009
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