CHUTE Boutique Hand Wired 35 Watt Tube Amp

The CHUTE boutique hand wired 35 watt tube amp, the CC-04, is a boutique amp used by the likes of Warren Haynes of the Allman Brothers Band and Chad Kroeger, the lead guitarist of Nickelback.  The CHUTE CC-04 is a hand made, hand wired amp that was first designed and built by Carl Chute.  In fact, Chute is solely responsible for the CC-04 amp.  chute-boutique-hand-wired-35-watt-tube-amp

The CHUTE CC-04 35 watt tube amp, as the name says, pulls 35 watts of power.  This class A amp is powered by four JJ 12 AX7 preamp tubes and two JJ EL34 power tubes.  The preamp is split into A and B switches that are controlled by a foot switch and each channel features two gain controls.  This creates a very versatile amp.  The poweramp uses cathode biasing, which gives it the ability to create a very smooth sound.  It also features a 14 gauge aluminum chassis and a high dielectric strength fiberglass tag board.  To help reduce noise, the CC-04 uses ultra-fast recovery diodes for its rectifiers and metal film resistors.

On the back of the CC-04, you’ll find send and return jacks, an A/B channel switch (this switch becomes inactive when a footswitch is attached), and an output impedance switch that allows you to run either four or eight ohm cabinets.  The amp itself weights only about 38 pounds and is small enough that it can easily be transported to any gig.

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April 6, 2009
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