Clark Amplification’s Piedmont Amp

Clark Amplification’s Piedmont amp is a classic premium grade replica of a tweed era amp. The amp features bright and normal channels that use the same presence, middle, bass, and treble controls. The tone of this amp sounds very, very close to that of a true tweed era amp such as the 59 Bassman. The custom wound power transformer corrects all voltage so that there are no issues at high power. The amp uses four Weber Alnico P10Q style ten inch speakers to deliver a big rich sound. These speakers are exact replicas of the Jensen P10Q speaker, the ones that were used in the original tweed amps.

Other features of the Piedmont include its all Allen Bradley carbon composition resistors, the Jupitor Red Astron tinfoil and mylar coupling capacitors, and the Sprague electrolytics. It uses one 5AR4 tube, two 5881 Tung Sol RIs, two 12AX7 Mullard’s, and one NOS 12AY7. The amp also uses solid 22g cloth covered wire just as the original did.

The Piedmont comes in a handmade cab covered with tweed and spray tinted. While it is sprayed, rest assured that there is no buildup of tint or sealer on the inside—all Clark amps are taped and masked before spraying. The Piedmont retails for $3,195, but used ones can be found for as little as $2,000.

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May 9, 2011
Posted in Clark Amplification — anthony @ 10:16 pm

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