Cornford Amplification’s Harlequin

Cornford Amplification’s Harlequin is a fantastic 6 watt recording amplifier. If you're unfamiliar with a recording amplifier does, it is basically designed to output a range of killer overdriven tones at low volumes. This makes them an ideal home practice amp too. Another benefit to laying tracks with a recording amp is that they tend to be built as hiss and hum free as possible, which is the definitely the case with the Harlequin.

What makes the Harlequin a better recording amp than many others? There are several things. It’s pretty good-sized, for one thing. Recording amps don’t have to be small and portable, and the Harlequin isn’t. This means you’ll get all that great big amp sound without resorting to many of the little tricks people use to get big sound from small amps. The Harlequin uses a 12-inch Celestion vintage 30 speaker in a large combo, so you won’t hear that boxy coloration you often hear when recording with a small amp.

The Harlequin uses a six watt, single-ended class A valve output stage. This allows players to really turn the volume up so they get exactly the amount of distortion and compression they want. This means there’s less spillover onto other mics. The amp uses two 12AX7 tubes and an EL84. You’ll find two input jacks, volume, treble, master, and bass controls on the Harlequin. The Harlequin is a great amp for recording, especially since it is fairly versatile and has a character all its own.

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March 29, 2011
Posted in Cornford Amps — anthony @ 6:37 pm

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