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David Bray Amps is a small amp company located in Yucca Valley, California. The company, founded by David Bray, offers point-to-point, handwired Plexi style amps using high-end components such as ARS, Heyboer, Metropolis, F&T, Weber, Sozo as well as his own. He offers a few stock models ranging from 45 to 100 watts inspired by classic Marshall's, but Bray hand-builds each amp to fit his clients’ unique needs. He also does a lot of mods to existing amps. The tone you can pull out these amps can conjure anything from classic Cream, to early Van Halen, Angus...you get the idea.

One of the things Bray focuses on is increasing the musicality of each amp he works on. Before he delivers or ships out any amp he'll plug in his own guitar and record a short clip of what the amp sounds like. If the client likes the sound, he ships the amp. If not, he goes back to work.

Bray’s stock amps include the Mod I, which he likes to think of as a glorified plexi. It features plexi architecture but has a number of upgrades that make it much more musical, clear, allowing for more harmonic content. He also has the Mod I PLUS, which is everything the Mod I is plus two extra higher gain levels. When you engage PLUS mode both channels are in series which allows for the higher gain levels.

Another model offered by Bray is the 45 Custom Plexi Style Head. This amp is based on the JTM 45 made back in the 60s. It has a cleaner tone, however, and puts out a more mid-focused sound. Bray customizes these amps with the client’s choice of mods, voicing, and more.

The Bray 100 custom Plexi Style Head is for players who need some serious power. You’ll never lose a volume war with this beast. It’s basically a super-powered version of the Bray 50 custom Plexi Style Head.

For more info check out the David Bray amps website:

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February 23, 2011
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