Divided by 13 SJT 10/20

The Divided by 13 SJT 10/210 head is similar to the FTR 37, another popular Divided by 13 amp.  However, it’s slightly modified, has less wattage and a few exclusive features that make it of definite interest.  It runs in either a 10 watt Hard Class A mode or a 20 watt Class AB1/A mode, depending on your preference.  You can get a great 50’s style Tweed sound from 10 watt mode, which some players really love.  The SJT 10/20 can access both channels via its two input jacks.  In addition to these channels, you also have a dampening/flattening switch and a mid/gain boost.  The SJT 10/20 head is quite versatile and is a great way of filling that 10/20 watt slot in your amp arsenal.

The first channel on this head features volume, treble, bass, and reverb.  Channel 2 has its own volume control.  The SJT 10/20 uses 12AX7 tubes for its preamp section and four 6V6GT tubes in the power section.  For its rectifier tube, the SJT 10/20 uses either a 5AR4 or a GZ34.  The head weighs 32 pounds, while the combo is 50 pounds.  Both are suitable for taking to gigs or for using in the studio.  The SJT 10/20 head retails for $2,300.

For more info be sure to check out the Divided by 13 website: http://www.dividedby13.com/sjt1020.html

Here's a quick little taste of the Divided by 13 SJT 10/20

July 13, 2011
Posted in Divided By 13 — anthony @ 8:55 pm

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