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Dr. Z Monza Boutique AmpOne of the things Dr. Z is known for is creating very simple, traditional amps that do a lot more than what they first appear to do.  The Dr. Z Monza is a Boutique Amp that definitely follows this route.  With only three knobs, this amp does a lot.  This Monza has amazing gain and sustain.  It features 20 watts of power, and it can actually be a bit too loud for some home studios with thin walls.

The Dr. Z Monza amp uses two 12AX7s for preamp, two EL84 cathode biased tubes for output, and a 5AR4 tube as the rectifier.  While it’s only 20 watts, it can sound like it’s pumping 100 watts of power through it—it’s that powerful and amazing.  Crank up the volume and you’ll find the sound just gets bigger and bigger, while the drive and tone knobs give you control over your sound.  The speaker is a 10” Red Fang AlNico.  Overall, this powerful little amp only weighs 37 pounds, making it a great amp to take on the road.  If you want to score a Dr. Z Monza for your own, you’ll find them used for about $1,200.

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Dr Z Monza 1x12 Combo
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Dr Z Monza 1 x 12 Combo Guitar Amp Red Tolex Celestion Greenback
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August 1, 2010
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