Dr. Z Stang Ray

Dr. Z Stang Ray The Dr. Z Stang Ray premiered in 2006, and within no time was already a good-to amp for a number of players.  One of the key features of the Stang Ray is it's ability to deliver a fat tone that is also still quite articulate.  It has a very full and defined sound with a nice, deep sustain.  The mids are very strong and aren’t pinched off at all, while the low end is rich warm and defined.

The Stang Ray (once named the Mantaray) is the result of Dr. Z collaborating with country superstar Brad Paisley.  The two had previously worked together on the Prescription Extra Strength, and they were eager to partner up again.  They set out to create an amp that provides a great pallet of great tonal possibilities and works along with the Prescription Extra Strength.  The output transformer was designed by Trainwreck’s Ken Fischer, who had worked with Dr. Z before on the Airbrake.  The amp gets at the classic British sound, but also has its own voice that is unique and different.

The Stang Ray is a 30 watt amp that uses four EL84 output tubes, a EF86 preamp tube, and a 12AX7 preamp tube.  It features cut, tone, and volume controls, and it generally retails for $2,399.

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May 30, 2010
Posted in Dr. Z Amps — anthony @ 3:05 pm

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