Egnater Rebel-30

Egnater has made a number of great amps over the years.  egnater-rebel-30The Rebel-30 is an extention of the Rebel-20, an award winning head.  The Rebel-30 brings in more versatility and gives you more tone-shaping options than the Rebel-20.  It’s a 30-watt all-tube amp that has two channels.  Channel 1 features very clean tones and allows you to control the bass, treble, and volume.  Channel 2 features a powerful overdrive and lets you shape the bass, treble, middle, and gain.  The gain lets you really change the sound of your tone in many different ways.  Both channels include tight and bright switches, and each channel has an independent watts knob as well.

The Egnater Rebel-30 also features Egnater’s signature Tube Mix knob.  By adjusting this control, you can add in a huge variety of different tones to your sound, including British, American, and more.  The back panel, which is very easy to access, features reverb controls for both channels and a series effects loop control.  The Rebel-30 is available in two different styles: a 1x12” combo or a 2x12” combo.  Both of these amps feature a dual-function footswitch for easy channel selection.  The Egnater Rebel-30 features 6V6 and EL84 power tubes and weighs around 40 pounds.

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January 9, 2011
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