Fender Custom Shop Vibro-King Custom Amp

While we've been covering a lot of the smaller boutique makers in the news these days, you can't overlook the Fender Custom Shop when it comes to vintage tone. Their Vibro-King Custom amp features everything you’d expect from a great boutique amp: point to point wiring, all tube power, and some great tone features. This 60 watt amp is something like a 1963 Reverb unit merged with a ’59 Bassman with some Vibrato and a custom speaker array thrown in. It’s very versatile and responsive, too. Pair it up with a Strat for some awesome clean to crunchy blues tones or with a Les Paul for something more edgy and meaty - like a Peter Green style sound or something in the vein of early Clapton.

The Vibro-King only has one channel, but that’s about all it needs. It has controls for speed and intensity on the vibrato, volume, and controls for the vintage tube reverb function (mix, tone, and dwell). Plus there’s a fat switch to change up your sound a bit. Three Jensen ten inch speakers with Alnico magnets bring the sound.

The Vibro-King features fix 12AX7A tubes in its pre-amp section and two 6L6 GE tubes for power. It also has a 6V6-GTA reverb driver tube. This is one of the heavier amps, weighing in at 72 pounds, so it may not be the best amp to take out to local gigs. It’s also fairly large. However, for pure power and full, rich sound, the Vibro King definitely delivers.

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Here are a couple demos of the Vibro King Custom

July 5, 2011
Posted in Fender Custom Shop — anthony @ 10:01 pm

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