Blackjack 21-II Amp

The Blackjack 21 was one of Fuchs best amps, but they weren’t completely happy with it.  After some tweaks they upgraded the Blackjack 21 into the Blackjack 21-II, which was made available this year. 

The Blackjack 21-II is a class AB amp that has two channels.  Channel one features eq controls for low, mid, and high, a gain boost, and digital reverb.  The reverb was modeled after the Good Verbrations reverb pedal and has its own level and decay controls. Check the demo video below for the sweetness of the reverb. The second channel has output and master volume controls.  It also shares low, mid, high, and gain controls with channel one.  The amp has a decent amount of clean headroom, though it definitely can go balls to the wall dirty too.  The Blackjack 21-II sounds similar to other Fusch amps like the Train-45 and the Lucky 7, so you know it’s really great for all varieties of classic rock and harder styles. These amps are voiced to emulate classic vintage Marshall or Trainwreck style amps. However, this amp has a lot subtlety too, and you can get some rich bluesy tones out of it.

The preamp stage of the Blackjack 21-II uses two 12AX7 tubes, while the output is provided by two 6V6 power tubes.  The amp can product 4 or 8 ohm outputs.  The head retails for $1,230, while the 1x12 combo is $1,750.

For more info be sure to check out the Fuchs website:

Here's owner Andy Fuch's giving the Blackjack 21 and test drive

July 11, 2011
Posted in Fuchs Amps — anthony @ 11:21 pm

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