Fuchs Overdrive Supreme

Fuchs has created the Overdrive Supreme based on classic Fender amp design.  However, the Overdrive Supreme boutique amp is more than just a Fender clone.  In fact, it has several great features that many players will love.  For players who like a lot of headroom and clean tone this amp really delivers.

This amp includes a full time effects loop that works with both line and pedal signals.  It can also be set up to run in either parallel or series modes and stays live even when used as line in or line out.  The amp uses an Accutronics three-spring long decay reverb pan to create a very detailed while still naturally warm reverb.  When the clean channel is active, you’ll have access to controls for deep, brite, and a rock/jazz switch.  Each changes how the tone controls work.  Rock will create a more aggressive tone, while jazz in smoother and more balanced.  The amp also features high, mid, and low eq as well.

In the overdrive channel, you’ll find an OD-in control to adjust the level of saturation and an OD-out control, which balances the dirty and clean channels.  There’s also a master volume, reverb, and accent control.

The Fuchs Overdrive Supreme boutique amp uses a high voltage DC power supply, 4 and 8 ohm outputs, and is made from aircraft-grade aluminum.  A used model will cost around $1,000, while newer models (which are hard to find since this amp was made in 2001) will be much higher.

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November 16, 2010
Posted in Fuchs Amps — anthony @ 1:18 pm

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