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Kingsley Amplification is the brainchild of Simon Jarrett, a UK born professional guitarist now living in British Columbia. A serious and studied guitarist in his own right, Jarrett also spent many years servicing Fender, Hiwatt, Marshall and Vox amps. He channeled his years of experience into a line of boutique amps with it's unique blend of classic British and American circuits. If you're the kind of player that likes versatility when it comes to dialing in your sound then you might find Kingsley's amps very interesting.

The Kingsley’s ToneBaron is a 60 watt cathode biased amp that provides a lot of power while still being very flexible tone wise. It’s builds upon KIngsley's earlier models, namely the Deluxe 30 and Deluxe 32, by providing twice the output and offering more variable options than either of them. One of it's defining features is it's ability to accept a variety of different output tubes and different combinations, giving players licnese to experiment with a wide range of sounds.

The amp comes standard with either four EL34 tubes or four 6L6s tubes, but players can request or later switch out these tubes for 5881s, KT77s, KT66s, 6550s, or 6V6s. The ToneBaron features two pairs of octal sockets in the power amp section. Each of these pairs has its own on-off switch, so it’s possible to turn off each pair and let the amp run in a reduced power mode using only two output tubes. A pentode/triode switch lets you then cut the power in half for any tube complement. This means you can run this amp with 60 watts, 30 watts, or as little as 7 watts as necessary.

In the preamp section, the ToneBaron features two channels. Channel 1 is for low to medium gain, and works great for blues and rock. The second channel is for clean tones, and works well with jazz and for bright guitars like strats and teles. You can run the two pre-amp channels in either parallel or series modes. While in parallel each channel is independent of the other and can be activated simply by plugging in to either one. An ABY box can be used to select channels remotely. The amp's front panel has a switch to move between modes. In series mode, the overdrive channel is routed in series into the clean channel. The allows for a simple effects loop to be created by using the channel 1 output jack to send effects to the input of channel 2. This creates a real basic and natural effects loop by avoiding extra circuitry and gain stages. It also gives you option to blend the reverb on Channel 2 with overdrive of channel 1. You can also add in an effects loop pedal so that you can select the channels remotely and use effects like delay on both channels, switching between the two sounds on the spot.

The Kingsley ToneBaron comes in a 1x12 combo, 2x12 combo, or as a head. Pricing for the ToneBaron is as follows: Head: $3225, 1x12: $3380, 2x12: $3535

For more info and soundclips you can visit the Kingsley Website.

There were no videos on the ToneBaron available but here are some related ones

Kingsley D 30 Demo

Simon Jarrett Playing Some Nice Guitar

February 22, 2011
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