Matchless C-30

The Matchless C-30, sometimes referred to as the DC-30 or D/C-30, is one of Matchless’s first amp designs, and it’s still one of their best.  The amp has a big, warm sound that’s great for jazz, blues, and hard rock. Shredders will want to look elsewhere for the most part, but everyone else will get a lot out of the C-30. 

The 30 watts of this Class A amp are generated by four EL-84 power tubes.  In the preamp section, two 12AX7’s supply channel 1, while an EF86 handles channel 2.  Channel 1 features a parallel-triode circuit with interactive treble and bass, while channel 2 has a high-gain pentode circuit and a six-position tone switch.  The amp features individual channel effects loops, a cut control for high treble frequencies, a power setting switch (15 or 30 watts), selectable output impedance, and a phase inverter switch.  A master volume control is also available, and it comes with a bypass feature that lets you control every aspect of your sound.

The solid Baltic birch cabinet is quite nice to look at, but there is one downside to the C-30 combo: it weighs almost 80 pounds, making it impractical as a travel amp.

For more info you can check out the Matchless website:

Demo Video Of The Matchless C-30

June 3, 2011
Posted in Matchless Amps — anthony @ 8:55 pm

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