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If you looking for some powerful and versatile boutique amps with range to cover everything from straight ahead blues to full-on rock then you may want to check out Morris Amps. Morris Amps has its beginning back in 1961 when founder Glen C. Morris first begun playing electric guitar. Over the years, he continued to search for a sound. He tried a number of different amps, but it wasn’t until he came upon a 1955 Fender Bassman that he found what he was looking for. After training to become an electronics technician, he realized what he would have to do: build an amp that wouldn’t just be close to what he wanted but would deliver exactly the sound he was looking for.

However, he wasn’t quite there yet. It took 14 years of working as an electronics technician before he felt like he had the skills necessary to build the amp he had always imagined. After becoming an authorized warranty tech for Yamaha, Fender, Marshall, and more, he finally began working on his own amps. In 2000, he started Morris Amplification, and in 2005, the first of his amps rolled off the assembly line. Morris prides himself on adhering to a strict philosophy of building amps that allow players to express their own unique character.

Currently, Morris Amp has three models available. The first is the Producer. This amp is a 45 watt, two-channel amp that uses 6L6 output tubes. It combines a thinner floating baffle, British-style speakers, and a custom pine cabinet to serve up a uniquely sweet tone. It's overdrive channel is incredibly versatile and kicks out a serious vintage rock sound, while the clean channel produces a smooth and fat clean tone. Check out the video demo below.

The Rockgrinder is a 50 watt amp that features a distortion channel for everything from blues to more aggressive rock. The clean channel on the Rockgrinder has a three-band tone control and captures that 60s Fender American sound. To check out the full capabilities of this amp, see the video demo below.

Then there’s the classic, a 45 watt amp that features a more British sound, but when pushed it can also pump out some American style crunch.

For more info be sure to check out the Morris Amps website

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February 14, 2011
Posted in Morris Amps — anthony @ 5:01 pm

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