Nolatone Amps Chimey Limey CL-15

Nolatone Amps may not have a huge variety of different models, but the ones they do have are pretty solid.  The Chimey Limey comes in two variations, the CL-15 and the CL-30.  The CL-15 is a powerful yet small amp that can really serves up that British sound.  The CL amps were designed to reproduce the chime and grind of vintage 60’s British amps. Style-wise the CL-15 recreates the look of the Watkins Dominator amp from the 50s, so if you dig that retro style you're going to be pleased.

What sets the CL-15 apart from other, similar amps?  For one, Nolatone’s uses a unique wiring technique in it's 12AX7 tube so that it provides the gain and dynamics of an EF86 tube without any of the microphonic issues or unreliability that EF86's are notorious for.  It also has a six-position tone control, a cut control, volume, and a boost controlled by footswitch.

Under that classic looking cabinet are two EL84 power tubes, a 12AX7 preamp and 12AX7 phase inverter, and an EZ81 rectifier tube.  The CL-15 comes as a 1x12 combo with a 15 watt Alnico speaker, although you can ask for other speakers, like a Celestion G12.  You can select 4, 8, or 16 ohms for your speaker output.  The CL-15 usually retails for around $1999.

For more info be sure to check out the Nolatone website:

Here are a couple demo videos of Nolatone Amps Chimey Limey CL-15

September 28, 2011
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