Nolatone Junebug

The Junebug originally began as Nolatone’s Tweed Princeton type amp, but soon took on it's own unique character and sound.  After a number of different modifications, the final design was a little amp with a great range of sound.  It features two channels, a clean and an overdrive.  They share the first preamp stage, tone, and volume controls.  The clean channel is similar to the one you’d find on a small tweed amp, but it has more headroom.  The overdrive channel features three cascaded gain stages, a hot gain control, and a sweet gain control.  The first of these extra gain stages provides a more vintage / bluesy tone, while the other has more bite to it.

The June Bug uses a JJ 6V6 power tube and two 12AX7s/ECC83s for the preamp.  The rectifier tube is a 5Y3GT.  It comes in a 1x10 cabinet, and the speaker is mounted on an adapter ring so you can unbolt it and replace it with a 12 inch speaker.  This can make it usable with different size gigs.

You can add a 12 inch speaker for $50, a serial effects loop for $50, or an oversized cabinet for $100.  The June Bug usually retails for $1,199 before these additions.

For more info be sure to check out the Nolatone website:

Here's a couple nice little demos of the Nolatone June Bug

June 1, 2011
Posted in Nolatone Ampworks — anthony @ 8:11 pm

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