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Savage Amps has been producing high quality vacuum tube and solid-state amps since 1990. savage-amps Based in the Minneapolis, Minnesota, area, the company offers amps designs for people seeking a vintage or boutique tone.  Some of the big names currently using Savage Amps are Pearl Jam, Sheryl Crow, R.E.M., Foo Fighters, and Beck, to name a few.

Savage currently offers six different amps.  The Macht 12x and Macht 6, technically two different devices, offer players amazing tone and volume.  These class A amps are all hand-wired and feature 2 input preamp, one or two 6V6 tubes (Macht 6 features one), and more.

The Rohr 15 amp features everything that the larger Savage amps do but it a little smaller and more compact.  It’s a class A amp that is great for both studio play and using for gigs.  It is a 15 watt amp that features two channels and is powered by two EL-84/6BQ5 tubes.

The Glas 30 amp serves up some powerful & clear low-end and while still featuring all the brilliance that a class A amp offers.  It’s a 30 watt amp that features two channels and four special Savage inputs.

Inspired by amps from the vintage amps of '50s, the Blitz 50 is a very versatile amp that can produce a lot of different sounds.  It’s a 50 watt amp that uses two EL-34 tubes for class AB operation.

Finally, the Schatten 19 is the newest Savage amp.  This 19 watt, class A tube amp features two EL84 power tubes, a EF86 and 12AX7 preamp tube, and a 6CA4 rectifier tube to create some amazing sounds.

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Engl E610 Savage 120W Guitar Amplifier Head Amp
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Tube Complement for ENGL Savage 120 E610 Tube Complement for ENGL Savage 120 E610
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Tube compliment for ENGL Savage 120 E610 includes: (6) T-12AX7-S-JJ, (1) T-6550-JJ-MP, which includes: (2) T-6550-JJ

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Question: Mesa Dual Rectifier vs ENGL Invader or Savage amps?
I'm lookin into getting a new amp. And I've gone from everything from Randall, Marshall, Peavy, Line 6, Carvin, Hughes and Kettner, Fryette, Hiwatt, Mesa, and ENGL. And I thought I had settled on the MESA for my style of music. But than most recently I researched ENGL more and saw how great there reviews were, and saw there gain and everything was compared to MESA, and said to be better then the MESA's. My style is hard rock, similiar to Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, Chevelle, 3 Doors Down, Hinder, Killswitch Engage, Bullet For My Valentine. But mostly Breaking Benjamin. But I like allot more gain than there songs have for my own stuff. So it would seem one of the ENGL amps would be the choice, but I wanted a second opinion. Thanks.


I love the mesa Dual rectifier, I think it's one of the best amps possible for metal or hard rock. I must say I didn't know the invader, but I've been thinking about buying a powerball for a long time, so I checked some clips. Seems it's even better than the powerball... The mesa might be a bit more versatile, but I love that deep sound from Engl tops...

Whatever you're gonna pick, I'll trade them any day for my marshall half stack... I am sure you won't regret buying either of the amps.

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January 13, 2010
Posted in Savage Amps — anthony @ 11:24 am

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