Tone King Metropolitan

Tone King calls their Metropolitan amp the most tuneful, musical, and flexible amp they’ve produced, and that’s no lie.  This amp is a versatile little workhorse, doing it all and doing it well.  The clean channel on this amp is full, chimey, and quite articulate.  It also has great reverb, amazing sustain and tone, and much more.  It’s one of Tone King's top products, and if you want an amp that sounds amazing at any volume, has sweet bluesy cleans to hard rockin' classic drive then you're gonna love this amp.

The Metropolitan is built using high quality components in all phases.  Every Metro amp is hand built by Mark Bartel, the designer, using custom parts he orders from top quality manufacturers.  He didn’t skimp on anything here.  The secret to the Metropolitan’s abilities is the Phase-4 power control system.  Its output power is adjustable and can range from .01 watts to a full 40 watts.  It uses four 6V6GT tubes to provide this.  The preamp section features four 12AX7s and a 12AT7, while the rectifier tube is a 5AR4.  The speaker is a custom-designed 1x12 inch.

The Metropolitan has a number of different controls on the front, including separate controls for the rhythm and lead channel.  Rhythm features an input gain switch, bright switch, volume, bass, and treble controls.  Lead includes mid-bite, tone, and volume. The Metropolitan retails for $2,995.

For more info on the Metropolitan check out the Tone King website:

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June 14, 2011
Posted in Tone King Amps — anthony @ 8:08 pm

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