All Fender Blues Junior Mods & Enhancements

The Fender Blues Junior is a great little 15 watt, tube amp that has become a favorite of guitarists seeking a fat tube tone on a budget. Out of the box the Blues Jr gets its great sound from two EL84 output tubes and three 12AX7 preamp tubes. (more...)

December 4, 2008
Posted in Amp Mods — David @ 10:16 pm

Tonedog Fender Pro Junior Mods

If you're looking for that tweed sound on a budget, offers some interesting modifications to the 15 watt all tube Fender Pro Junior. First off, for the price (approx $379 plus tax), it's hard to beat the basic Fender Pro Junior. Just like it's forefathers the Fender Champ, Pricenton & Harvard, the Fender Pro Junior is a pure and uncomplicated all-tube amp. Crank it up for natural tube overdrive, and vary its response with your guitar's controls. It comes with two EL-84 Groove Tube output tubes and a pair of 12 AX7 preamp tubes. However if you want to really zero in on that classic tweed sound and not break the bank on a vintage tweed amp, Tonedog may have your answer. (more...)

November 4, 2008
Posted in Amp Mods — David @ 12:00 am

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