At Mars Amps – The Specialist

The At Mars company takes old school tone seriously. How about an amp company that starts by salvaging the iron from old film projectors? Each amp is forged from this 50 plus year old iron combined with top notch new internal components. The result is a line of serious point to point hand-wired tube amps.

At Mars builds a number of different amps, but their best-selling product is The Specialist. This amp packs a punch even though it’s only a 15 watt amp. When connected to a cabinet with good speakers, it's surprising just how loud it is. The amp is cathode biased, which when combined with The Specialist’s unique phase inverter creates a very touch sensitive piece of equipment. In fact, you don’t even need a stomp box to go from a dirty sound to a very clean tone. The amp really responds to pick attack and is a great option if you're looking for something in the neighborhood of a Blackface or 70's Marshall vibe..

The Specialist uses two 6V6 power tubes to pump out its amazing sounds, while the power supply is rectified by a 5Y3 rectifier tube. For the preamp, it uses a 12AT7 and a 12AX7, but buyers have the option of switching both of them with any tube in the 12AU7 lineup. Swapping out tubes allows for different gain structures, so players can truly customize this amp to their heart’s content. How much does The Specialist cost? A new one retails for $849.


February 15, 2011
Posted in At Mars — anthony @ 4:09 pm

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