65 Amps Lil’ Elvis

65 Amps has produced a number of great products, including the Lil’ Elvis boutique amp.  65-amps-lile28099-elvisThis amp is one of their most interesting amps in that in uses amp designs that haven’t been seen since the 60s.  The amp is based on a 2xEL84 tube setup with a 12AX7 front.  It provides a very clean 12 watts of power.  While the Lil’ Elvis is a small boutique amp, it doesn’t have a small feel to it at all.  Its tone and abilities are far beyond what one would expect from an amp of this size.  (more...)

December 8, 2009
Posted in 65 Amps — anthony @ 10:06 pm

65 Amps

65 Amps is a small amp company located in North Hollywood, California.  65-ampsAll of their amps are hand-wired and built with only the highest quality parts.  In fact, because the first amps produced by the company were for players to use in concert and not as products, these amps truly are built for players.  They use more than just the same types of circuits and parts that other amps use—they have come up with some very innovative ideas that have led to some of the most versatile and unique amps in the industry.  One of the keys to their amazing amps is the transformers they created with Mercury Magnetics.  These hand wound transformers give their amps the ability to handle much more than amps that use machine would transformers can. (more...)

December 5, 2009
Posted in 65 Amps — anthony @ 3:13 pm

65 London Boutique Amp

The 65 London Boutique Amp from 65 Amps is based on some of the greatest low powered amps built in the mid 1960s.  65-london-boutique-ampThese amps were the favorites of many top musicians, and the 65 London is just as popular.  If you need an amp that provides that great British sound and tone but isn’t huge and bulky, the 65 London is exactly what you want.  The amp is used by just about everyone in the business for many different events, including in the recording studio, on tour, on large and small stages, and even at home for practice.  It truly is quite the versatile amp. (more...)

June 30, 2009
Posted in 65 Amps,Boutique Amps — anthony @ 4:15 pm

SoHo High Power Boutique Guitar Amp Class A

Looking for a rare boutique amp?  The SoHo high power boutique guitar amp is a Class A amp that offers 65 amps of power.  sohoThere aren’t many of these amps out there, so if you’re interested in collecting rare amps and see one, grab it.  This is actually one of the very first high powered amps that SoHo ever produced, which is one of the reasons why it is so collectable and so rare. (more...)

April 9, 2009
Posted in 65 Amps,Boutique Amps — anthony @ 6:14 am

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