Bad Cat Amps Lil’ 15

Are you looking for a small amp that is perfect to take anywhere but still has the power needed to be heard above the din?  Then you may want to take a look at the Lil’ 15 by Bad Cat Amps.  This is a great two channel 15 watt amp capable of delivering a range tones suitable for any small to mid-sized gig. Channel 1, is the clean circuit, while with channel two you can dial in some nice crunchy overdrive. Channel one has controls for volume and cut, which is actually somewhat of a presence control.  The second channel gives you master volume and gain to play with.

The Lil’ 15 uses two 12AX7s for the preamp on channel one and then brings it home with two EL84s.  The second channel gets its hot sound from the EF86 tube that powers it.  The amp uses hand would power and output transformers, which were used to determine just how big the Lil’ 15 is—the amp is only as tall as the transformers.  The Lil’ 15 measures 14” long by 8.5” high by 7 inches deep.  It weighs only 21 pounds.

For more info be sure to check out the Bad Cat website:

Here's a little demo of the Bad Cat Amps Lil’ 15


June 27, 2011
Posted in Bad Cat Amps — anthony @ 9:12 pm

Bad Cat Amps Cub II

The Bad Cat line of amps is fairly diverse. The Bad Cat Cub II and the Cub II Reverb are small amps, but are perfect for a lot of situations . Bad Cat Amps are known for their clean, warm sound, but with the ability to get a nice array of overdriven tones too. One great feature of the Cub II is that it’s built very, very solidly. This amp was built to be a workhorse. It’s also compact and light-weight enough that you can stow it in the trunk or back seat when going to a gig and still have room for more.

The Cub II, which is powered by 15 watts, comes with or without reverb. It features one channel and two inputs. The amp features a volume, cut, reverb, and master volume. You’ll also find a five-way rotary tone switch or an interactive bass and treble control. The amp is powered by a 12AX7 tube in the pre-amp section and two EL84 amps for main power. The amp weighs 55 pounds and measures 24 inches long by 18.5 inches high by 10.75 inches deep.

For more info be sure to check out the Bad Cat Website:

Here's a nice demo of the Bad Cat Cub II clean


April 4, 2011
Posted in Bad Cat Amps — anthony @ 9:11 pm

Bad Cat Amps Mini II

The Mini II is one of Bad Cat Amps’ most popular products.  bad-cat-amps-mini-ii-boutique-ampThis tiny little amp may only put out five watts of power, but don’t let that fool you this bad boy really roars.  It’s the perfect amp for anyone who needs a low-volume amp in their studio for recording.  It’s not going to do very well in large venues, of course, but for home play and recording, the Bad Cat Mini II is perfect.  It’s a Class A amp that is point to point wired and all tube powered. (more...)

January 21, 2010
Posted in Bad Cat Amps — anthony @ 5:47 pm

Bad Cat Classic Cat

The Bad Cat Classic Cat boutique amp is one of those great amps targeted toward the "less is more" crowd.  Bad Cat Classic CatIt’s a 20-watt amp that features one volume knob, one tone control, and one Celestion Vintage 30 twelve inch speaker, and it’s classified as a Class A amp.  The speaker is custom made to specs created by Bad Cat’s top amp designers.  Dual 6V6's and an Accutronics reverb tank round out the main stats on this great no-nonsense amp. (more...)

April 14, 2009
Posted in Bad Cat Amps,Boutique Amps — anthony @ 9:19 am

Bad Cat Amplifiers Product Line

Bad Cat produces a amazing collection of Class A Amplifiers, which are as good as any boutique amp built today. Mark Sampson, the original founder of Matchless amps which became popular in the 90s, is the original designer of Bad Cat Amps. The tone and character of these amps has led to their widespread popularity.Here is a list of the Bad Cat Product Line. (more...)

February 9, 2009
Posted in Bad Cat Amps,Boutique Amps — David @ 12:28 pm

Bad Cat Amps – Hot Cat 30 Watt


Here's a nice little of vid of Aerosmith's Brad Whitford playing the Bad Cat Hot Cat 30R. Some call this little 30 watt bad boy the "baddest" member of the Bad Cat Arsenal, and just from this rough demo you can get a pretty good sense of why. (more...)

January 5, 2009
Posted in Bad Cat Amps,Boutique Amps — David @ 12:17 am

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