Bogner Goldfinger 45

The Goldfinger 45 from Bogner Amplification is a powerful amp designed to bring out the range of textures possible with a 6V6 tube. It features two channels aimed at providing vintage voiced guitar sounds with the flexibility that all Bogner amps tend to have. For one, this amp can be scaled down from 45 to 30, 18, and 9 watts. At 45 watts the amp has plenty of clean headroom. The clean sound on this amp is really spectacular, which you can really hear in the 2nd demo video below. On the lower watt settings you get a nice warm breakup at lower volumes. The two channels are labeled as the Alpha channel and the Omega channel, and both feature a variety of switches and controls that let you tweak and dial in your own customized sound. The amp also features a number of pre and post effects loops to really make your sound your own. The post effects loop can be set up to work in series or in parallel.

The pre effects loop is something a little different. It is a tube buffered pre effects loop that, when not engaged, will give you only your guitar’s tone without going through any switches or relais. When it is engaged, you get a number of different effects, all easily controlled and customized.

The amp is available as a head, as a 1x12 combo, or as a 2x12 combo.

For more info be sure to check out the Bogner website

Overview Video On The Bogner Goldfinger 45


April 6, 2011
Posted in Bogner Amps — anthony @ 6:16 pm

Bogner Amps

bogner-allEver since he moved from Germany to Los Angeles in 1989, Reinhold Bogner has been in the business of building some of the world's top custom amps.  Bogner quickly made a name for himself on the L.A. scene and began creating custom amps for a number of top players.  One of his first amps was custom made for Eddie Van Halen, which helped put Bogner in the spotlight and opened up his work to a much wider audience. In the ten years it has been in business, the company has expanded its product line while maintaining its dedication to quality work. (more...)

July 29, 2009
Posted in Bogner Amps,Boutique Amps — anthony @ 5:35 am

Bogner Alchemist & Bogner Duende 18 Watt

bogner-duende-1Here are two amazing new options from Bogner Amps demoed by Reinhold Bogner at the NY amp show. The Alchemist and The Duende run the gamet of tones from vintage clean tones, to subtle overdrive to British Gain. The amps are a perfect synergy of high fidelity sound and vintage sensibility. Here are some the features of both: (more...)

November 7, 2008
Posted in Bogner Amps — David @ 8:54 am

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