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Chute Amplifiers is a small Ontario-based amp company that has one goal in mind: to create old-fashioned, hand-wired amps that produce amazing sounds.  To this end, they don’t have any production lines or assembly robots doing the work.  Everything is done by a person, and while this means their line of amps is limited, it also means that every single amp they sell has been personally built.

chuteampsIf you’re looking for a Chute Amp, you really have two choices: the CC-02 or the CC-04.  The CC-02 amp is a small amp, but don’t judge it by its size.  It puts out a great sound.  It sports a dual gain preamp and a Class A poweramp that can create a number of very unique sounds.  The preamp is a single channel with parallel gain that allows you to adjust the bright and gain as necessary.  The poweramp features cathode biasing that is configured to work as a slight compressor.  This provides smooth frequency response and lets you change the tubes without re-biasing. (more...)

August 4, 2009
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CHUTE Boutique Hand Wired 35 Watt Tube Amp

The CHUTE boutique hand wired 35 watt tube amp, the CC-04, is a boutique amp used by the likes of Warren Haynes of the Allman Brothers Band and Chad Kroeger, the lead guitarist of Nickelback.  The CHUTE CC-04 is a hand made, hand wired amp that was first designed and built by Carl Chute.  In fact, Chute is solely responsible for the CC-04 amp.  chute-boutique-hand-wired-35-watt-tube-amp

The CHUTE CC-04 35 watt tube amp, as the name says, pulls 35 watts of power.  This class A amp is powered by four JJ 12 AX7 preamp tubes and two JJ EL34 power tubes.  The preamp is split into A and B switches that are controlled by a foot switch and each channel features two gain controls.  This creates a very versatile amp.  The poweramp uses cathode biasing, which gives it the ability to create a very smooth sound.  It also features a 14 gauge aluminum chassis and a high dielectric strength fiberglass tag board.  To help reduce noise, the CC-04 uses ultra-fast recovery diodes for its rectifiers and metal film resistors. (more...)

April 6, 2009
Posted in Boutique Amps,Chute Amps — anthony @ 8:18 am

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