Dr. Z Amps Maz 18 Jr NR

Many people loved the sound of the Maz 38, but were looking for the same general tone in a more portable 18 watt model.  The result was the Maz 18 Jr.  Then some people wanted an amp with more gain and less compression, so Dr. Z again responded and removed the reverb.  This created the Maz 18 Jr NR, which stands for No Reverb.  The NR does everything from raw vintage rock to crystal clean chime.  You can easily dial in some British crunch if that’s what you're looking for, too.  The NR features volume, middle, treble, master, and cut controls.  Cut is like a tone control for the output tubes, allowing you to adjust power as needed.

This 18 watt tube uses two EL84s for power and features 4 12AX7s and a 12AT7 for its preamp stage.  The rectifier is a GZ34.  It’s great for a variety of different music, including jazz, blues, and even vocals in some cases.  It comes as a head, a 1x12, a 2x10, and a 2x12 combo.  The standard wood finish is black, but it comes in a variety of other finishes upon request.  This is a very portable amp, weighing only about 47 pounds for the head and first two combos.  The 2x12 weighs 65 pounds.

For more info be sure to check out the Dr Z Website: http://www.drzamps.com/

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May 11, 2011
Posted in Dr. Z Amps — anthony @ 9:00 pm

Dr. Z Carmen Ghia Boutique Amp

Dr. Z Carmen GhiaThere are some amps that look like they sound.  These amps are big and bad looking, and you just know they’re going to due damage.  Then there are those that surprise you, and the Dr. Z Carmen Ghia boutique amp is one of these.  It doesn’t look like much when you first see it, but once you hear this little package in action, you’ll be shocked.  The warmth and richness of the notes is amazing, and it has incredible sustain that few amps of its size can pull off.  As the volume increases, so too does the sound, and the big notes just keep sounding louder and punchier.  It’s a great amp for any gig, but it also works great in the studio for those who want to sound large.  You don’t have to worry about your sounds getting drowned out by other noises.

The Carmen Ghia’s 18 watts of energy are provided by two EL84 cathode tubes.  The preamp uses a 5751 and a 12AX7, while the rectifier uses a 5Y3.  It has volume and tone control, and the amp uses an Eminence Red Fang 10 inch speaker.  These little babies are highly sought after, with a used Carmen Ghia costing around $1,200. (more...)

September 14, 2010
Posted in Dr. Z Amps — anthony @ 6:45 pm

Dr. Z Monza

Dr. Z Monza Boutique AmpOne of the things Dr. Z is known for is creating very simple, traditional amps that do a lot more than what they first appear to do.  The Dr. Z Monza is a Boutique Amp that definitely follows this route.  With only three knobs, this amp does a lot.  This Monza has amazing gain and sustain.  It features 20 watts of power, and it can actually be a bit too loud for some home studios with thin walls.

The Dr. Z Monza amp uses two 12AX7s for preamp, two EL84 cathode biased tubes for output, and a 5AR4 tube as the rectifier.  While it’s only 20 watts, it can sound like it’s pumping 100 watts of power through it—it’s that powerful and amazing.  Crank up the volume and you’ll find the sound just gets bigger and bigger, while the drive and tone knobs give you control over your sound.  The speaker is a 10” Red Fang AlNico.  Overall, this powerful little amp only weighs 37 pounds, making it a great amp to take on the road.  If you want to score a Dr. Z Monza for your own, you’ll find them used for about $1,200. (more...)

August 1, 2010
Posted in Dr. Z Amps — anthony @ 6:15 pm

Dr. Z Stang Ray

Dr. Z Stang Ray The Dr. Z Stang Ray premiered in 2006, and within no time was already a good-to amp for a number of players.  One of the key features of the Stang Ray is it's ability to deliver a fat tone that is also still quite articulate.  It has a very full and defined sound with a nice, deep sustain.  The mids are very strong and aren’t pinched off at all, while the low end is rich warm and defined.

The Stang Ray (once named the Mantaray) is the result of Dr. Z collaborating with country superstar Brad Paisley.  The two had previously worked together on the Prescription Extra Strength, and they were eager to partner up again.  They set out to create an amp that provides a great pallet of great tonal possibilities and works along with the Prescription Extra Strength.  The output transformer was designed by Trainwreck’s Ken Fischer, who had worked with Dr. Z before on the Airbrake.  The amp gets at the classic British sound, but also has its own voice that is unique and different. (more...)

May 30, 2010
Posted in Dr. Z Amps — anthony @ 3:05 pm

Dr Z Amps

Dr Z AmpsMichael D Zaite, aka Dr Z (break the initials down - M.D. Z = Dr. Z.), has been tinkering with tube amps and electronics since he was 13 years old. His father owned a television repair business and later went on to became an equipment engineer in the medical field. After school Zaite followed in his father's footsteps and landed a job working with G.E. as a medical equipment technical support specialist. His day to day duties had him fiddling with some pretty high tech medical gear like cat scan and xray machines as well as nuclear cameras. Most of the medical equipment was actually tube based, and he was one of a small number of techs who knew how to service the machines. (more...)

January 6, 2009
Posted in Boutique Amps,Dr. Z Amps — David @ 1:19 am

Dr. Z EZG-50 – The Blackface Head That Never Was

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The Dr. Z EZG 54 should be a serious consideration for all those questing for that classic blackface tone. From Twang & Rockabilly to Blues & Surf, or if you're trying to capture that classic "El Mocambo" tone, the Dr.Z EZG 50 head delivers. Ken Fisher, an amp designer for Dr. Z, came up with a new 6L6 output transformer which was the starting point for this new head. The tone of the EZG 50 is largely shaped by this output transformer which has a unique impedance not used by other American amp makers. (more...)

November 22, 2008
Posted in Boutique Amps,Dr. Z Amps — David @ 10:11 pm

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