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Elmwood Amps is, in comparison to some other amp companies, fairly new.  It was formed in 1998, so they company has just recently celebrated its ten year anniversary.  However, Jan Alm, the founder, knows amps.  elmwood-ampsWhen he created Elmwood Amps in Sweden, he did so with the goal of creating guitar tube amps that were simply the best ever.  He planned to produce amps that had incredibly sound without losing any functionality.  He and his staff, which includes Peter Samzelius and Erland Palsson, believe that they have succeeded beyond their wildest imagination. (more...)

August 18, 2009
Posted in Elmwood Amps — anthony @ 6:20 pm

Elmwood Modena 90 Boutique Amp

The Elmwood Modena 90 Boutique Amp is the more powerful version of the Modena M60.  This awesome amp builds on the M60’s functionality and design but adds more wattage for that extra power.  elmwood-modena-90-boutique-ampThe Modena 90 includes two channels, each with its own EQ and both with drive functionality.  While the M60 is, obviously, only 60 watts of power, the Modena 90 provides 90 watts of clear sound.  Because of its high output, it actually uses a special transformer and has a heat fan on the back.

The two channels provide many different options.  On channel one, you’ve got your volume, treble, bass, and middle, while channel two features these four plus gain.  Drive is available on both and can be controlled with a footswitch.  The Modena features two KT88 poweramp tubes that use higher anode voltage than those found on the M60.  For Preamp tubes, you’ll find four ECC83 tubes. (more...)

June 12, 2009
Posted in Boutique Amps,Elmwood Amps — anthony @ 2:52 pm

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