Fargen Blackbird VS2

Fargen’s Blackbird VS2 has been considered by some to be the best blackface inspired amp ever.  This amp is the result of over ten years of research and trial and error, obtained from gathering information from a number of different circuits from the 60s.  It merges that great vintage tone with some modern parts and design concepts, creating a unique balance of new and old.  The amp has excellent touch response, produces amazing harmonic overtones, and can really belt out some clean sustain.  The amp has a passive FX loop.

So what does the Blackbird VS2 have under the hood?  This amp uses two pairs of 12AX7s, two 6L6-GCs and a GZ34/5AR4.  It puts out 40 watts of power and can be run in either 4 ohm or 8 ohm mode.  It’s classified as a class AB fixed bias push/pull amp.    The custom Mercury Magnetics transformer set, external bias adjustment and probe point, and Fargen Custom Shop resistors all help create that unique twist on the blackface sound.

The amp also works very well with just about any overdrive pedal, and players are certainly encouraged to use the Blackbird VS2 with effects pedals to get that perfect sound. It weighs a light 35 pounds and is pretty small, making it great for traveling.  The amp has a MSRP of $2,195.

For more info you can check out the Fargen website: http://www.fargenamps.com/blackbird-vs2

Nicolas Costa Playing A Fargen Blackbird VS2 - '69 Strat with Suhr FL and SSV - Maxon SD9


May 18, 2011
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Fargen Super Collider

Fargen’s Super Collider boutique amp is one of their newest dual channel amps that combines incredibly rich and clean tones with some of the fattest lead tones around.  fargen-super-collider-guitar-amplifierThe amp features a very innovative design that makes use of some of the best from Fargen’s other amps while bringing in several new concepts and ideas.  This is one 6L6 tube amp that is far from standard.

The Super Collider was created after Benjamin Fargen built a custom SCO amplifier for Cliff Culteri.  He wanted the best 2 x 6L6 lead amp possible, and he absolutely loved Fargen’s product.  However, Culteri’s amp was a single channel, so Fargen desided to create a dual channel version that also featured a clean channel.  Thus, the Super Collider was born. (more...)

January 11, 2010
Posted in Fargen Amps — anthony @ 8:29 pm

Fargen Amps

Fargen Amplification was founded by Benjamin Fargen in 1998.  While it’s a somewhat young company in comparison to other amp builders, the amp builders at Fargen are dedicated to creating high quality amps for all players.  fargen-ampsFargen himself, a young guitar player, started the company when he realized that his vintage guitar amps couldn’t be serviced—there was no local technician to work on these vintage products.  Fargen, then, set out to learn how to create tube amps for himself so that he could repair his own products.  With only a course in electronics, books, and the internet, he learned how to create amps on his own.  He worked on several prototypes over the years and soon began using them in his own gigs. (more...)

August 21, 2009
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Fargen 54’ Tweed Deluxe Clone Boutique Amp

When it comes to the line of tweed deluxe clones, you’ll find many different versions out there.  5E3 tweed clones seem to be a dime a dozen.  However, the Fargen 54’ tweed deluxe clone boutique amp is one of the best.  It isn’t just a 5E3 clone, it’s an amp that provides a great amount of tone, sound, and options.  fargan-54-boutique-ampThe pre amp input section features an input section with individual volume control for both sides of the tube.  This was something missing in the original 5E3 amp, which limited players to having both sides voiced identically.

Fargen Amps have been in operation since 1998.  Created by Ben Fargen, the company is dedicated to creating top quality amps.  What’s interesting is that Fargen himself had no knowledge of building amps at first.  However, he learned how to build amps and then created his own prototypes.  Once word of his amps spread, he began getting orders form others. (more...)

June 26, 2009
Posted in Boutique Amps,Fargen Amps — anthony @ 5:27 pm

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