Blackjack 21-II Amp

The Blackjack 21 was one of Fuchs best amps, but they weren’t completely happy with it.  After some tweaks they upgraded the Blackjack 21 into the Blackjack 21-II, which was made available this year. 

The Blackjack 21-II is a class AB amp that has two channels.  Channel one features eq controls for low, mid, and high, a gain boost, and digital reverb.  The reverb was modeled after the Good Verbrations reverb pedal and has its own level and decay controls. Check the demo video below for the sweetness of the reverb. The second channel has output and master volume controls.  It also shares low, mid, high, and gain controls with channel one.  The amp has a decent amount of clean headroom, though it definitely can go balls to the wall dirty too.  The Blackjack 21-II sounds similar to other Fusch amps like the Train-45 and the Lucky 7, so you know it’s really great for all varieties of classic rock and harder styles. These amps are voiced to emulate classic vintage Marshall or Trainwreck style amps. However, this amp has a lot subtlety too, and you can get some rich bluesy tones out of it.

The preamp stage of the Blackjack 21-II uses two 12AX7 tubes, while the output is provided by two 6V6 power tubes.  The amp can product 4 or 8 ohm outputs.  The head retails for $1,230, while the 1x12 combo is $1,750.

For more info be sure to check out the Fuchs website:

Here's owner Andy Fuch's giving the Blackjack 21 and test drive


July 11, 2011
Posted in Fuchs Amps — anthony @ 11:21 pm

Fuchs Overdrive Supreme

Fuchs has created the Overdrive Supreme based on classic Fender amp design.  However, the Overdrive Supreme boutique amp is more than just a Fender clone.  In fact, it has several great features that many players will love.  For players who like a lot of headroom and clean tone this amp really delivers.

This amp includes a full time effects loop that works with both line and pedal signals.  It can also be set up to run in either parallel or series modes and stays live even when used as line in or line out.  The amp uses an Accutronics three-spring long decay reverb pan to create a very detailed while still naturally warm reverb.  When the clean channel is active, you’ll have access to controls for deep, brite, and a rock/jazz switch.  Each changes how the tone controls work.  Rock will create a more aggressive tone, while jazz in smoother and more balanced.  The amp also features high, mid, and low eq as well.

In the overdrive channel, you’ll find an OD-in control to adjust the level of saturation and an OD-out control, which balances the dirty and clean channels.  There’s also a master volume, reverb, and accent control.

The Fuchs Overdrive Supreme boutique amp uses a high voltage DC power supply, 4 and 8 ohm outputs, and is made from aircraft-grade aluminum.  A used model will cost around $1,000, while newer models (which are hard to find since this amp was made in 2001) will be much higher.


November 16, 2010
Posted in Fuchs Amps — anthony @ 1:18 pm

Fuchs Audio Technology

Fuchs Audio Technology produces a number of different amps and FX pedals.  They are based in New Jersey, but their amps are available around the world.  These amps are designed by Andy Fuchs, who has a background in audio electronics manufacturing, a man who knows the value of quality parts and well-designed products.  fuchs-audio-technologyHe uses only the best in his amps, which is one of the many things that set Fuchs products above the others.  The amps use PC board construction instead of being built point to point.  Fuchs believe that PC board amps can produce better sounds and are more consistent than those made point to point.  If you’re looking into purchasing a Fuchs Amp, here is a list of their most popular lines. (more...)

September 1, 2009
Posted in Boutique Amps,Fuchs Amps — anthony @ 12:28 pm

Fuchs Lucky Seven Boutique Amp

The Fuchs Lucky Seven Boutique Amp is one of those amps that sounds larger than it is. fuchs-lucky-seven-boutique-amp In fact, this classic rock amp sounds similar to the larger Train 45 or Blackjack 21, and many feel it's up to speed with vintage Trainwreck and Marshall amps.  While it certainly provides all the edge you’d need to rock, it is also capable of putting out some amazingly rich and subtle tone.  Unlike some similar amps, the Fuchs Lucky Seven Boutique Amp features many different tone controls, all of which provide extreme flexibility in tone and sound.

The Fuchs Lucky Seven uses two 12AX7 tubes for preamp sound and a 7 watt EL-34 for its fixed bias output.  However, you can also switch over to 6V6's if you’d like to reduce the power to around five watts.  You can use your guitar’s volume control to easily go from clean, perfect tones to that great mean rock sound. (more...)

June 2, 2009
Posted in Boutique Amps,Fuchs Amps — anthony @ 2:39 pm

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