Grammatico Kingsville

Grammatico Kingsville
Austin amp builder John Grammatico has been generating a lot of interest for his spin on the ’59 Fender tweed Bassman sound with his new amp entitled the Kingsville. The Grammatico Kingsville keeps the spirit of the Fender sound while bringing in a flexibility and usability that makes it a perfect modern amp with a vintage sound.  After a lengthy discovery and testing process Grammatico designed custom capacitors that would really bring out the shimmer and sparkle missing in the original Bassman curcuit. He wanted the amp to be more of a blend of Blackface and Tweed era sounds.

The Kingsville amp was very much influenced by players and amp tech's in and around the Austin area. In addition to Jimmie Vaughan (playing a Kingsville at Antones in video below) and Telecaster master Redd Volkaert, a number of great Austin players tested versions of the Kingsville in order to make sure the amp was just right. Some of the features include a 5AR4 tube rectifier and four ten inch Jensen P10R alnico speakers.  It’s powered by two winged C 6L6 45 watt power tubes and 3 Electro Harmonix 12AX7 preamp tubes.  The entire amp is hand wired and set in a finger jointed solid pine cabinet.  It weight just a bit over 40 pounds.  A brand new Kingsville will set you back $2,400.

For more info check out the Grammatico website

Demo Videos For The Grammatico Kingsville


February 16, 2011
Posted in Grammatico Amps — anthony @ 4:50 pm

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