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The Coda by Juke Amps comes in a 810 and an 812 model, the differences being the amount of power produced and the type of bias (fixed versus cathode).  The two different models are similar, but they do have a few key differences that players will want to take into consideration.  No matter which one you go with, you’ll get a unique amp which is reminiscent of a old Valco amp with aspects of vintage Fender, Magnatone, and Ampeg circuits. 

Both models use a Tri-Cone speakers system.  You can select either a 1 ten inch and two eight inch speakers or a twelve inch and two eight inch combination.  It’s also available with four eight inch speakers or six eight inch speakers.  You can go with either Weber Alnico or Ceramic speakers.  The amp has controls for treble, color, speed, level, contour, bass, reverb (dwell and depth), vibrato, and volume.  A footswitch controls the reverb and vibrato.

The 810 model uses KT66 tubes and is a fixed bias, Class AB amp.  It runs on 35 watts of power.  The 812, on the other hand, uses 5881 tubes and is a cathode bias, class AB amp with 22 watts of power.  The Coda is available in a number of difference colors.  It weighs 38 pounds and is pretty compact, so it’s a great amp to take to gigs. Juke will does custom features on this amp available on request. The basic model retails for $2,800.

For more info you can check out the Juke Amps website: http://www.jukeamps.com/810_812.htm

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May 25, 2011
Posted in Juke Amps — anthony @ 7:26 pm

Juke Amps

Juke Amps was created by G. R. Croteau after he was asked what he would consider the perfect amp.  He said he would take everything he loved about each individual amp and merge them into one.  This was in 1988.  juke-ampsThe next year, he designed the first Warbler amp.  However, it wouldn’t be until 1994 that he would start work on prototype amps for mass production.  In 1997, he had finalized the production style of the Warbler, and in 1998, Juke Amplification was born.  The company produced three different amps that year: the Juke 112, the 210, and the 810.  Today, the company continues to make single channel tube amps that feature Gibson, Fender, and Ampeg style equalization.  They have five major brands of amps:

The 810/812 coda harmonica amp features either 35 watts or 22 watts of power.  These amps are class AB and may be either fixed bias or cathode bias. (more...)

September 9, 2009
Posted in Juke Amps — anthony @ 7:03 am

Juke Vamp 112 Boutique Amp

Juke produces a number of different amps, and the Vamp 112 Boutique Amp provides just as much quality sound and tone as their other lines of amps such as the Coda, Rave, and Warbler.  juke-ampThe Vamp 112 boutique amp features 6V6 tubes and is a class A cathode bias amp.  In pentode mode, it pulls 15 watts of power, while its triode mode uses 5 watts.  Just as with all of Juke’s amps, the Vamp 112 is completely hand built and hand wired, so you know your amp has been personally assembled by a professional at Juke.

The Vamp 112 features only a single channel, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t deliver.  It features bias modulated tremolo, the “golden voice” vibrato that shifts pitch, and concert hall sideband reverb.  The amp uses a 12 inch Weber Alnico speaker to produce its great tones.  The amp includes a number of controls, including volume, treble, bass, dimension, depth, width, and speed. (more...)

June 16, 2009
Posted in Boutique Amps,Juke Amps — anthony @ 5:29 pm

JUKE Warbler 1210 Boutique Guitar Amp

The JUKE Warbler 1210 Boutique Guitar Amp may not get the attention it deserves by the music community.  Why?  juke-warbler-1210Well, part of the reason JUKE amps like the Warbler aren’t recognized as the amazing amps that they are is because creator Gary Croteau, how hand-builds every amp himself, is not focused on marketing or promoting his amps.  Instead, he spends his time truly working on creating amazing, outstanding amps that produce clear, powerful tones.  While this means that few high profile names use the JUKE Warbler 1210, those who have discovered these amps realize how magnificent they are. (more...)

April 17, 2009
Posted in Boutique Amps,Juke Amps — anthony @ 12:42 pm

JUKE Rave 112 Boutique Amp

The JUKE Rave 112 boutique amp is a great amp for just about anyone. rave-boutique-ampThis class A amp has quite the following in the music world, with some players even going so far as to say they’ve used the Rave 112 for over 40 years and still wouldn’t replace it! The main reason for this is because the Rave 112 produces some amazing tones. It also offers three knob reverb and some very rich tremolo and vibrato tones. It has a single channel that features “Golden Voice” pitch shifting vibrato and can produce “Concert Hall” type sideband reverb. The amp’s great master volume control is another plus. (more...)

April 16, 2009
Posted in Boutique Amps,Juke Amps — anthony @ 9:42 am

JUKE Coda 210 Boutique Amp

Looking for a fun boutique amp that has a bit of personality to it?  The JUKE Coda 210 boutique amp is an amp that does more than just get the job done—its fun colors and overall look make it more than just a piece of equipment.  This little boutique amp comes in a number of colors, including emerald, plum, and garnet, that you just don’t see on other amps.  This makes the Coda 210 visually very different, although when it comes to delivering sounds, the amp is just as great as other, less interesting looking amps. (more...)

April 10, 2009
Posted in Boutique Amps,Juke Amps — anthony @ 7:57 am

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