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Koch Amps focuses on creating amps that are specifically created with guitars in mind.  They believe that guitar amps need to be fundamentally different than other amps.  koch-ampsThey are dedicated to making amps that feature clever design, high quality materials, and more.  Their amps combine great tonal balance while still producing sounds loud enough to reach the back of any venue.  They currently offer seven different amps. (more...)

September 12, 2009
Posted in Koch Amps — anthony @ 3:23 pm

Koch Twintone 50 Watt Boutique Amp

The Koch Twintone 50 Watt Boutique Amp is a very versatile, flexible, warm amp with a lot of clean headroom.  koch-twintone-50-watt-boutique-ampIt’s also got an amazing overdrive channel that can do everything from mildly dirty tones to a very smooth overdrive.  In addition to these channels, you can add a second volume level by using the trim port on the rear and then use a footswitch to control lead option and rhythm.  You’ve also got two inputs on this boutique amp: one handles passive instruments while the other handles active ones.

What powers this amazing amp?  Well, the Koch Twintone 50 has three 12AX7 tubes and 2 EL34 tubes in it.  It also has a built-in power soak that allows for either a full 50 watts of power, 25 watts of power on a lower setting, or even zero watts when all you’re using are the headphone or line out jacks. The Koch Twintone 50 also features separate EQ for each of its channels, and each tone is controlled by a very sensitive, responsive knob that’s sure to give you the exact sound you’re searching for. (more...)

June 5, 2009
Posted in Boutique Amps,Koch Amps — anthony @ 7:35 am

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