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Mack Amps works to provide guitar players with some of the best resonant, warm amps out there.  They sell only hand made tube amps designed for blues, rock, and jazz.  These amps are all built to withstand use just about anywhere from your home to your studio to the many different venues you may play.

mack-ampsMack produces several different types of amps.  One of their newest ones is the Gem.  It’s a Class A, single tube amp that is very versatile and has great tone.  It can go from 4 watts to .4, depending on what you need.  It’s a great amp for any small venue.

The Heatseeker line of amps includes the HS-18 and HS-36.  The HS-18 pumps out some very rich tones and is useful for gigs or for recording in the studio.  The HS-36 is a quad version of the HS-18 and provides more of the great features that the 18 does.

Likewise, there are two different versions of the Skyraider amp—the SR-15 and SR-30, with the SR-30 being a quad 6V6 version of the SR-15.  These amps feature the same pre-amp as the Heatseeker, but they run off of 6V6 tubes instead of the EL84s that the Heatseekers use.  However, the two SR models feature a power amplifier overdrive that will boost up the preamp and add clean tones. (more...)

September 16, 2009
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Mack Heatseeker 18 Combo Handwired Boutique Tube Amp

If you want an amp that provides amazing tone, great distortion, and more, you want the Mack Heatseeker 18 Combo Hardwire Boutique Tube Amp.  heatseeker-18This amp features some amazing overdrive, and its preamp signal throws out some of the most natural yet complex distortion and crunch.  You can get anything from amazingly clean tones to incredibly distorted sounds at full volume.  The Heatseeker 18 is very flexible and features some unique features.

The most unique feature is the Character switch.  This gives you even more tone options since it allows you to adjust the bass and gain output.  The switch has three options.  Set it to Hot and you’ll get some very warm, rich tones with a medium gain.  Move to the Burn setting and you get high gain with classic distortion and crunch.  The Melt mode is all about the big bottom and roaring distortions.  It has the highest gain.  It’s very easy to switch between these modes, and each has something to offer.  Add in the overdrive and distortion pedals and you’ve gone one amazing amp.

The Mack Heatseeker 18 uses one12AX7 tube for preamp and a second for the phase inverter.  Two EL84s produce the amp’s 18 watts of energy.  In addition to the character switch, the amp features tone and volume controls.  It’s completely hand made and hand wired, too.

You can find Mack Heatseeker 18 Combo Amps used for around $850, while a new one will cost $1,250.  More information can be found at (more...)

July 21, 2009
Posted in Boutique Amps,Mack Amps — anthony @ 1:07 pm

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