Matchless Custom 212

The Matchless Custom 212 boutique amp is made out of only the best materials, and the entire amp is handwired by the professionals at Matchless to insure quality.  matchless-custom-212If you’re looking for a great amp that has all the power you need, this is it.  The Custom 212 is driven by a pair of EL84 tubes that give it a nice classic Vox-like tone.  The tone controls are very interactive, and the tube driven tremolo and reverb channels sound fantastic.  It’s even possible to make the Custom 212 sound like a vintage super reverb amp if you push it hard enough.

The Custom 212 comes in a solid cabinet that features a Jensen P12N and the Vintage 30 speaker combination which work very well together.  The boutique amp features a half power switch so you can change between 15 watts or 30 watts.  You also have high and low inputs and controls for treble, bass, master, volume, reverb, speed, and intensity.  The only downside to the Matchless Custom 212 is its weight.  At almost 85 pounds, this is one of the heavier amps out there, and it can be quite a chore lugging it around from place to place.  If you’re using it only at home, that might not be an issue, but if you’re taking it on the road or to the studio, the weight may become a problem. (more...)

November 29, 2009
Posted in Matchless Amps — anthony @ 9:08 pm

Matchless Amps

Founded in 1989, Matchless Amps set out to be exactly that: matchless.  The original founders set out to create a series of amps that would provide both a great amount of power and be incredibly versatile.  matchless-ampsToday, that dedication to quality still continues, and Matchless is known as one of the top amp companies in the world.  They build some of the best sounding and most durable products available.  Of course, they’re all hand wired by professionals using only the absolute best materials around.

Matchless has made some amazing amps over the years.  Some of their top boutique amps were made during what is now referred to as the Sampson era of Matchless.  This was the time between 1989 and 1998 when Mark Sampson, co-founder of the company, was very hands-on in designing amps.  Some believe these amps are of better quality than the amps Matchless produces today, although that opinion is not shared by everyone. (more...)

September 25, 2009
Posted in Boutique Amps,Matchless Amps — anthony @ 6:08 pm

Matchless Thunderman 100 Bass Amp

The Matchless Thunderman 100 Bass Boutique amp is a fairly rare amp that provides a great amount of tone.  matchless-thunderman-100-bass-ampThis amp features a flip top head that was built by Mark Sampson.  The Thunderman, which is no longer produced by Matchless, is constantly reviewed as one of the top tube bass amps ever.  Even when they were originally built, there were only a very limited number of Thunderman 100 bass amps were produced.  The amp, however, has quite the following—it has been used by many different players over the years, including the bassist for Guns and Roses and Duck Dunn. (more...)

May 30, 2009
Posted in Boutique Amps,Matchless Amps — anthony @ 6:16 am

Matchless Chieftain CH-212 Boutique Amp

Matchless has made a number of amps over the years, and while they may not be “matchless,” they are still top quality boutique amps.  matchless-chieftain-ch-212-boutique-ampThe Matchless Chieftain CH-212 Boutique Amp is one of their top amps and the most powerful amp in the Chieftain line (the others are the CH-40, CH-112, and CH-210).  The Chieftain CH-212 is also the most expensive Chieftain amp.  A new one will cost $3,285 if ordered directly from Matchless, while a used amp will run around $2,400 or more. (more...)

May 12, 2009
Posted in Boutique Amps,Matchless Amps — anthony @ 5:59 am

Matchless HC-30 Amp

The Matchless HC-30 Amp is a boutique amp that was originally designed in 1989.  During this time, Matchless Amplifiers decided they needed to design and built an amp that would, simply put, be the absolute best guitar amp available anywhere.  matchless-hc-30-ampTo get the best input on how to design this amp, the designers went straight to the best source available: professional musicians.  These musicians made it clear that the best amp would have to be highly durable while at the same time providing versatility.  It would need to be light and small enough to travel with while providing the standards one would expect from a studio amp.  Class A design was a given, and it would have to be completely hand wired to exact specifications.  Only the best materials were to be used, and none of the standard shortcuts were to be used. (more...)

April 7, 2009
Posted in Boutique Amps,Matchless Amps — anthony @ 9:11 am

Matchless DC-30 vs Divided By 13 RSA23

This is great youtube video that I came across where you can check out a comparison of the Matchless DC-30 and the Divided By 13 RSA 23. Both these amps have such amazingly rich qualities which really come through in this demo. (more...)

December 13, 2008
Posted in Boutique Amps,Divided By 13,Matchless Amps — David @ 9:56 pm
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