Morris Amps Rockgrinder

The Morris Amps Rockgrinder is one of their main production models.  While in the past they had a number of different options on the amp, they have locked in the design for the production model with two channels and coming in three different configurations (head, 2x12, and 1x12).  While some may be sad to see the custom versions of the Rockgrinder go, this new model will allow Morris to fine-tune every aspect of it.

The overdrive channel, delivers a nice range of drive from a bit of distortion for blues up to a powerful, hi-gain grind.  In general the overdrive is super responsive and you can use your guitar’s volume control to dynamically adjust the sound as you play.  Over on the clean channel, you get rich, complex sounds like those from an American 60’s amp.  It features three tone controls to help you perfectly sculpt the sound.

The Rockgrinder is powered by 6L6 tubes, and Morris Amps has gone to great length to make it sound tighter and more focused than other amps that use 6L6 tubes. You can even use the Rockgrinder for some decent modern rock tones, something other 6L6 amps don't do well.

The 50 watt head version retails for $2,795; the 1x12 and 2x12 are priced at $3,095.

For more info be sure to check out the Morris Amps website:

Glen Morris Video Demo of the Rockgrinder

August 9, 2011
Posted in Morris Amps — anthony @ 11:00 pm

Morris Amps Producer

Morris Amps ProducerThe Producer by Morris Amps is a very sweet amp. It gets it's unique brand of sweetness from a combination of elements.  First, there’s the custom pine cabinet that was built just for the Producer.  Then there’s the thinner floating baffle and the Celestion Greenback and Vintage 30 speakers. The Producer takes it's name from an unnamed legendary record producer who owned the original prototype of the amp and swears it's one of the most versatile and best sounding amps he's ever used in the studio.

The Producer has two channels.  The clean channel is very smooth and meaty, and with the help of the the response of the floating baffle, it really fills up a room.  The dirty channel, is very versatile.  It has two controls that let you adjust the gain and distortion on the preamp.  The crunch and drive allow you to shape the fatness of the sound and dial in that signature Glen Morris grind.  Then there’s a high gain stage control and the option to make your sound more American or more British.

The Producer is a 45 watt amp that uses 6L6 output tubes instead of the expected EL34s because the 6L6s work better with the Producer’s output transformer.  An effects loop with true bypass is also included.  The suggested retail price of the Producer is $3,495.

For more info be sure to check out The Morris Amps website:

Glen Morris Demoing The Producer


June 9, 2011
Posted in Morris Amps — anthony @ 9:19 pm

Morris Amps

If you looking for some powerful and versatile boutique amps with range to cover everything from straight ahead blues to full-on rock then you may want to check out Morris Amps. Morris Amps has its beginning back in 1961 when founder Glen C. Morris first begun playing electric guitar. Over the years, he continued to search for a sound. He tried a number of different amps, but it wasn’t until he came upon a 1955 Fender Bassman that he found what he was looking for. After training to become an electronics technician, he realized what he would have to do: build an amp that wouldn’t just be close to what he wanted but would deliver exactly the sound he was looking for.

However, he wasn’t quite there yet. It took 14 years of working as an electronics technician before he felt like he had the skills necessary to build the amp he had always imagined. After becoming an authorized warranty tech for Yamaha, Fender, Marshall, and more, he finally began working on his own amps. In 2000, he started Morris Amplification, and in 2005, the first of his amps rolled off the assembly line. Morris prides himself on adhering to a strict philosophy of building amps that allow players to express their own unique character.


February 14, 2011
Posted in Morris Amps — anthony @ 5:01 pm

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